Union Bank Transfer Code To Opay Account

Transferring Money from Union Bank to Opay Account: Your Complete Guide

Union Bank Transfer Code To Opay Account: Unfortunately, transferring money directly from Union Bank to an Opay account using a USSD code is not currently available. Both Union Bank and Opay offer USSD transfer services, but they cannot be used directly to transfer funds between different platforms. Here’s what you need to know:

Union Bank Transfer Options

  • USSD Transfer: You can transfer money to other Union Bank accounts or other Nigerian banks using the Union Bank *826# USSD code. However, you cannot use this code to transfer directly to Opay accounts.
  • Mobile App: The Union Mobile app allows you to transfer funds to other Union Bank accounts, other Nigerian banks, and even international accounts. While Opay accounts are not directly listed as a transfer option, you may be able to complete the transfer by selecting “Other Banks” and providing the Opay recipient’s details.
  • Online Banking: Union Bank’s online banking platform also allows transfers to other Nigerian banks. Similar to the mobile app, you may be able to initiate a transfer to Opay by selecting “Other Banks” and entering the recipient’s information.

Opay Transfer Options

  • USSD Transfer: Opay offers a *955# USSD code for transferring money to other Opay accounts and other Nigerian banks. However, you cannot use this code to receive money from Union Bank directly.
  • Mobile App: The Opay app allows receiving money from various sources, including transfers from other banks. However, Union Bank transfers are not directly listed as a supported option.

Alternative Transfer Methods

1. Bank Transfer via Mobile App or Online Banking: As mentioned earlier, you might be able to initiate a transfer from Union Bank’s mobile app or online banking platform by selecting “Other Banks” and entering the Opay recipient’s details. This method may involve additional fees and processing times compared to direct transfers.

2. Third-Party Payment Processors: Some third-party payment processors like Flutterwave or Paystack allow transfers between different platforms, including Union Bank and Opay. Using these services might incur additional fees, so be sure to check their respective charges before proceeding.

3. Agent Banking: Both Union Bank and Opay have agent networks across Nigeria. You could deposit cash at a Union Bank agent and then withdraw it from an Opay agent, effectively transferring the funds indirectly. However, this method involves travel inconvenience and potential security risks, so use it with caution.

Important Reminders

  • Always double-check recipient information before initiating any transfer to avoid mistakes.
  • Be aware of potential fees associated with each transfer method.
  • Prioritize secure and authorized channels for your transactions.

While a direct USSD transfer between Union Bank and Opay is not possible currently, explore the alternative methods mentioned above to choose the most suitable option for your needs.

FAQs about Transferring Money from Union Bank to Opay Account:

Q: Can I transfer directly from Union Bank to Opay using a USSD code?

A: Unfortunately, no. You cannot use Union Bank’s USSD code to transfer directly to Opay.

Q: How can I transfer money from Union Bank to Opay?

A: Options include:

  • Union Bank Mobile App/Online Banking: Select “Other Banks” and enter Opay recipient details (fees may apply).
  • Third-party platforms: Use services like Flutterwave or Paystack (subject to their fees).
  • Agent Banking: Deposit at Union Bank agent, withdraw from Opay agent (involves inconvenience and security risks).

Q: Which method is best?

A: It depends! Consider factors like convenience, fees, and security preferences. Mobile app/online banking might be easiest, while third-party services offer flexibility. Agent banking is the least convenient and potentially risky.

Q: Are there any fees involved?

A: Yes, most methods involve fees. Check individual platforms or services for specific charges.

Q: How long does the transfer take?

A: Processing times vary depending on the method chosen. Mobile app/online banking transfers are usually instant, while others might take longer.


Transferring money directly from Union Bank to Opay through a USSD code is not possible at present. However, several alternative methods are available, each with its advantages and limitations. Evaluate the options based on your needs and choose the one that best suits your convenience, affordability, and security preferences. Remember to double-check information and be aware of potential fees before initiating any transfer.

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