Ghana MTN Codes

Mastering the MTN Maze: A Guide to Ghana’s Mobile Network Codes

Ghana MTN Codes: MTN, a leading telecommunications provider in Ghana, offers a vast array of services from airtime top-up to data bundles and mobile money transactions. However navigating the world of USSD codes and short messages can be overwhelming, especially for new users. Worry not, for this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to unlock the full potential of your MTN subscription!

Essential Codes for Everyday Use

  • Airtime Top-up: Dial 134PIN# and replace PIN with your recharge voucher code.
  • Balance Check: Dial *124# for airtime balance and data bundle information.
  • Mobile Money: Dial *170# for a menu of Mobile Money services like sending money, buying airtime, and paying bills.
  • Data Activation: Dial *138# for various data bundle options based on your needs and budget.
  • Customer Care: Dial 100 to reach MTN’s customer service representatives.

All Ghana MTN Codes

MTN Shortcodes: Easy Access to Services

Airtime Recharge: Dial *134*PIN# to top up your airtime.
MTN Zone Snapi Bundle Activation: Use *135*55*1# to activate the MTN Zone Snapi Bundle.
MTN Free After 1 (Nkomode): Activate by dialing *550# (option 6).
Free Calls for New Subscribers: New subscribers can activate free calls for six months by dialing *550#.
Weather Forecasts: Receive accurate forecasts by dialing *455# at 8 GP/SMS.
Credit Balance Check: To check your credit balance, dial *124#.
Blackberry Plans: Check Blackberry plans by dialing *140#.
Call Center Contact: Reach the call center by dialing 100.
Call Diversion: Use **67*02XXXXXXXX*11# for call diversion when busy, **61*02XXXXXXXX*11# for no answer, and **62*02XXXXXXXX*11# for unreachable.
Caller Tunez Activation: Dial 1355 to activate Caller Tunez.
Mobile Number Check: To check your mobile number, dial *156#.
Call Diversion Deactivation: Deactivate call diversion with ##21#.
All Calls Diversion: Divert all calls with **21*02XXXXXXXX*11#.
Mobile Money ATM Token Generation: Generate Mobile Money ATM token by dialing *511#.
Cool Jokes: Receive cool jokes by dialing *300*20#.
Silverbird Movie Schedule: Get the Silverbird movie schedule by texting “Movies” to 1412.
IDD Package: Activate the IDD package by dialing *138*3#.
Internet Bundles/SMS Bundles: View internet bundles/SMS bundles by dialing *138#.
Internet Bundle Purchases: Purchase internet bundles ranging from 300 MB to 10 GB by dialing *138*1*1#, internet social bundles with *138*1*5#, and unlimited internet bundles with *138*1*4#.
Weekly Internet Bundles: Purchase weekly internet bundles from 25 MB to 500 MB by dialing *138*1*2#.
MTN Farm Direct: Receive farming tips by dialing 30037.
MTN Jara: Dial *5055# to access MTN Jara.
MTN Mashup Balance: Check MTN Mashup balance by dialing *567*4#.
Mobile Money Access Code and Portal: Access MTN mobile money by dialing *170#.
MTN Pay For Me: Dial 154 followed by the recipient’s number (without space) to make them pay.
MTN Pulse: Activate MTN Pulse by dialing *567#.
MTN Radio: Tune into MTN Radio by dialing 1303.
Number Portability: Port to other networks by texting PORT to 600.
Please Call Me Service: Use 024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399 to request a callback.
Mobile Money Fraud Reporting: Report Mobile Money fraud by texting details to 1515.
Simbox Fraud Reporting: Report Simbox fraud by texting Simbox to 419.
Internet Settings Request: Request internet settings by dialing *585#.
Number Reservation: Reserve your number for two years by dialing *1390#.
Credit Sharing: Share credit with friends and family by dialing *198#.
Supersaver Bundles: Access supersaver bundles by dialing *138*4#.
Credit Borrowing: Borrow credit by dialing *506#.
4G Device Compatibility Check: Check 4G device compatibility by dialing *585#.
Mobile Money Interest Payments: Exempt/include yourself from mobile money interest payments by dialing *595#.
Number Registration Verification: Verify if your number is registered by dialing *400#.
Airtime Recharge for Others: Recharge airtime for someone by dialing *144*number to recharge for*voucher number#.
Caller Tunez Unsubscription: Unsubscribe from Caller Tunez by texting STOP to 1355.
Voicemail Receiving: Receive voicemails by dialing 109.
Voicemail Sending: Send voicemails by dialing 108.
WeChat Monthly Data Bundle: Subscribe to the WeChat monthly data bundle by dialing *1552#.
YouTube Bundle: Access the YouTube bundle by dialing *138*16#.
MTN Me2U Credit Registration: Register MTN Me2U Credit with family and friends by sending <register><4-digit PIN> to 1329.


  • Replace “02XXXXXXXX” with the actual phone number you want to divert calls to.
  • Some codes may have charges associated with them, so check MTN’s website or dial *173# for details.
  • New codes and services are introduced regularly, so keep an eye on MTN’s official channels for updates.

Beyond the Basics

This guide provides a starting point, but MTN offers a plethora of specialized services tailored to specific needs. Explore their website ( or dial *567# for options like:

  • MTN Zone: Discounted calls and data within designated zones.
  • MTN TurboNET: High-speed data bundles for streaming and downloads.
  • MTN Play: Access games, music, and videos with data-friendly subscriptions.
  • MTN Business: Solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Staying Informed:

MTN frequently updates its codes and services. To stay informed, you can:

  • Visit their website ( for the latest information.
  • Subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social media.
  • Dial *173# for general information and service updates.

With this comprehensive guide and a spirit of exploration, you’re well on your way to mastering the MTN maze and unlocking the full potential of your Ghanaian mobile experience!

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