Review – Is Supercharles Investment Legit Or Scam review is the URL for the supercharles investment platform, which has been around for a while now and in this review, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on all you need to know about the platform.

Just like other investment platforms,  the super Charles investment claims that you earn up to four hundred thousand naira with an investment amount of two thousand naira only. With the superchales platform , you will be able to earn a daily when you invest in any of their investment packages.

Today, I have decided to shed light on all hidden details about the platform and provide you with everything you need know about the platform and provide you with enough details to help you decide whether the platform Worth your time or not.

About is an investment platform, which provides  you with multiple investment plans and allows you to invest in any of these plans and start earning from the day you activate the plan till the end of the plan duration. The duration of each plans on the platform is 500 days.

As said in the just concluded paragraph above, the platform has different investment plans that are suitable for those who have interest in doubling their money within a very short period of time.

The prices of these investment plans ranges from N2,100 to a whooping sum of N960,000. The higher the amount of the plan, the higher the daily income and the overall income at the end of the plan.

How To Make Money on

There are two major ways to make money on the platform, the first one being the daily return from your investment and the other being the referral program. investment plan

Supercharles Day Investment Plans

In this section, I am going to provide you with the investment plans that are available on the platform mad how much you can make on a daily basis for being a subscriber of the specific plans.

Mutual funds

Price: N2,700

Daily profit: N810

Duration: 500 days

Exchange Traded Funds

Price: N4,800

Daily profit: N1,488

Duration: 500 days

Money Markey Funds

Price: N9,600

Daily profit: N3,072

Duration: 500 days


Price: N27,000

Daily profit: N8,910

Duration: 500 days

International Stocks

Price: N48,000

Daily profit: N16,320

Duration: 500 days

Bond and Fixed Income Product

Price: N78,000

Daily profit: N29,640

Duration: 500 days


Price: N96,000

Daily profit: N38,400

Duration: 500 days


Price: N180,000

Daily profit: N77,400

Duration: 500 days

Margin Loans

Price: N270,000

Daily profit: N124,200

Duration: 500 days


Price: N480,000

Daily profit: N240,000

Duration: 500 days


Price: N780,000

Daily profit: N468,000

Duration: 500 days

Securities Lending Fully Paid

Price: N960,000

Daily profit: N672,000

Duration: 500 days

Visit The Supercharles Official Website For A Preview, But Don’t Invest Yet! Continue Reading Referral Program

The referral program is another way to make money on the platform and with the referral program, you can easily accumulate more money, even than the amount you can get from purchasing any investment plan on the platform.

When you invite friends to join the platform using your referral link, you will unlock unlimited opportunities to earn and grow your balance. You will receive total 5 levels bonus when your friend deposit on the platform.

And your referral bonus will be automatically added to your account balance, there is no upper limit to the income you can earn through referrals! The more people you invite and the bigger their deposits, the more you can earn! legit or scam Review

I am sure you have been anticipating for this particular section of my honest Supercharles review, however, the wait is over and you’re already at the section, which will reveal to you, all you need to know about the platform and especially if it’s legit or scam.

Before going futher to tell you if is legit or scam, I will like to list out the green and red flags found on the platform as these elements alone will help you to get cogent information about the platform and hence, have all it takes to clarify the platform to where it truly belongs.

Red Flags Found On Supercharles

In this section, I will be revealing all the red flags we have so far found on the platform, the more the red flags, the higher the chances of the platform being a scam. Let’s go!

High Return On Investment

The platform is unarguably a get rich quick investment platform but the return on investment offered by them is not only questionable but also unimaginable.

Imagine a platform telling you that you can invest ₦2,100 and earn ₦810 everyday for 500 days, that’s a whooping sum of ₦405,000 with am investment of ₦2,100 only. You don’t need to be told that you need to run for you life.

High Referral Bonus

The platform promised to pay you for referring others to the platform up to the 5th generation, this implies that you will get commission from level 1 referral to your level 5 referrals, which is practically impossible for any platform to survive with such plan.

Payment Irregularities

There are complaints that the platform payment is by selection. This implies that some users get paid while some didn’t get paid. This gives the platform the opportunity to create fake impressions that they are paying while in real time, they only pay few and ignore the rest.

Re-Used Idea

The platform is working on previous ideas that other platform have used in the past and failed woefully. This implies that the same set of people that have scammed different individuals of their hard earned money in the past return in new form with their old self.

Green Flags Found On Supercharles

In this section, I will be revealing all the green flags we have so far found on the platform, the more the green flags, the higher the chances of the platform being a legit platform. Let’s go!

Error 505

As at the moment of writing this review, we can’t categorically tell you that we found any green flag on the platform, there’s nothing green about them.

Is Legit

With the detailed information revealed in the red flags section of this Supercharles day Review, it’s obvious that the platform is far from being a legit platform, they will only pay few users and crashed within a very short period of time.

Is Scam

Having carefully checked the platform, it’s definitely not worth your investment unless you have some money that you’re willing to loose. According to the information contained in the red and green flags section of this review, the platform is definitely a Scam platform and you should stay away from such platform.

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