Raysx Airdrop – How To Get $250 Worth Of Rax Token

Rax Token Airdrop

RaysX is a groundbreaking project that aims to revolutionize DeFi by addressing the high entry barrier for developers. And in this  raysx Airdrop guide, I am going to reveal to you, an open opportunity to get a whooping sum of $250 worth of rax token for free

RaysX Protocol being a game-changer Allows the creation of mini dApps without requiring deep knowledge in smart contract languages like Solidity or Rust.

Today, I will be revealing the promotional over unveiled by raysx, which will give you the opportunity to win rax token worth a whooping sum of $250, $87 and $20 respectively.

If you have thoroughly go through our detailed guide on everything you need to know about Airdrops, you will definitely understand the concept of this guide immediately.

About RaysX $15,000 Airdrop 

RaysX is a major project that aim at revolutionizing Defi by introducing some exceptional features, offering a constructor protocol for mini dApps, a dynamic marketplace, and a gamified incentive system to foster innovation and ease of use.

RaysX pre-beta DEX Terminal, with over 11,000 pages of tokens, allows users to seamlessly install and manage mini dApps, enhancing the DeFi experience.

RaysX Airdrop

How To Get $250 Rax Token And Spot Of Whitelist On IDO

To get the whooping sum of $250 worth of Rax token, all you have to do is to click here and you will be redirected to the raysx telegram bot. Start the bot and all the required tasks to be completed will be displayed to you.

Simply click on the buttons one after the other and complete all tasks, if you don’t have any of the account requires to complete a certain tasks, simply sign up and complete the tasks. It won’t take you long.

Now that you have complete all the tasks, simply click on the submission button, you will  be asked to submit your BSC address, open your trust wallet app or Metamask and submit.

Your spot on the list will be displayed. Simply copy your referral link and refer as many individuals as possible and be sure you maintain a spot between 1 to 500.

What you must know about the Raysx Airdrop

This is a promotional offer from the project developers, which aims at make the project More popular and growing the community even better. On this note, this is a limited time offer and you have now till the 22nd of January, 2024 to secure your spot and get your rax token at the end of the campaign.

Rax Token Airdrop Rules

1. The offer is a competition and will last 14 days, ending on the 22nd of January, 2024.

2. The more points you get, the higher you are in the TOP. You will be given some points immediately you complete your tasks on the bot and the only way to accumulate more points is to refer other. Also;

2a. Points are gained through social activity and referrals, you can pay attention to their twitter (X) handle for more information about this.

2b. You need minimum of two referrals to secure your spot on the rax token Airdrop.

2c. There is a 3-level referral system and in this note, you can refer little people and still stand high chances of being at the top.

2d. Referral system: 1st level +20 Points, 2nd level +10 Points, 3rd level +5 Points

3. Don’t  Cheat the system and do not use bots as all bots and cheaters will be disqualified.

3b. Raysx Ai checks Twitter and Telegram for real activities

4. Make sure you only initiate a comment when necessary.

5. $RAX tokens will be distributed immediately after TGE.

RaysX campaign

How Distribution Will Be Made

A whooping sum of $15,000 worth of rax Token will be shared within the first top 500 participants with 100 whitelist on IDO.

The top 1-10 will receive $250 in RAX, top 11-50 will receive $87 in RAX, while the top 51-500 will receive $20 in RAX.

Secure your spot on rax token Airdrop Now!!



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