Review – Is Bestcharles Legit Or Scam review is the new and other variation of Schwab platform that you might have known in the past and in this review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform and especially if it’s legit or not.

In our previous guides, I provide you with a detailed superchales review, revealing to you all you need to know about the platform and if it’s legit or not. Today, it’s bestschwab turn and I am going to provide you with all the detailed information you need to know about the platform.

However you should pay attention to every details that will be provided in this guide and make sure you read carefully, so as to get the correct interpretation of the review before taking any steps.


As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, the is the old super Charles platform, the platform have released many variations of URL in that past and didn’t stop their, we’ve tried as much as possible to cover all the variation of the platform but it seems impossible as the platform keeps releasing new URL within a very short period of time.

Initially, the platform lunched as before moving to, then and now

The platform is undoubtedly a Ponzi scheme investment platform and have successfully pay a lot of people in the past while at the same time have denied some people their withdrawal.

You can join the platform and get paid, you can recover some of your money and loose the rest while at there same time, you can loose all the penny you invest on the platform. investment plans

How Works

The platform promised to allow you make a lot of money by investing any amount starting from N2600 on the platform. When you invest on the platform, you will start earning returns on your investment on a daily basis until the end of the duration of the particular investment you’re subscribed to.

This leads us to taking a deep look at the investment plans contained on the platform. Below shows the breakdown on the investment plans on the platform, the price, the daily earnings and the total earnings at the end of the respective plan.

The First Plan

This plan allows you to invest ₦2700 and ₦810 everyday for 500days, totalling a sum of 405,000 at the end of the plan.

Price: ₦2,700

Daily profit:₦810

Total profit:₦405,000

The Second Plan

This plan allows you to invest ₦4800 and ₦1488 everyday for 500days, totalling a sum of 744,000 at the end of the plan.

Price: ₦4,800

Daily profit:₦1488

Total profit:₦744,000

The Third Plan

This plan allows you to invest ₦9600 and ₦3072 everyday for 500days, totalling a sum of 1536000 at the end of the plan.

Price: ₦9600

Daily profit:₦3072

Total profit:₦1536000

The Fourth Plan

This plan allows you to invest ₦27000 and ₦8910 everyday for 500days, totalling a sum of 4455000 at the end of the plan.

Price: ₦27000

Daily profit:₦8910

Total profit:₦4455,000

The Fifth Plan

This plan allows you to invest ₦48000 and ₦16320 everyday for 500days, totalling a sum of 8160000 at the end of the plan.

Price: ₦48,000

Daily profit:₦16320

Total profit:₦8160000

And so on… There are so many plans listed on the platform, but the purpose of the is to enlighten you on what you should know about the platform and on that note, i will stop here. Should in case you need more information about the Schwab investment plans You can find out

From Schwab Official Website

Comment: Going through the investment plans listed so far, you should noticed some fowl play already without no one telling you. Imagine a platform promised to pay you a whooping sum of four hundred thousand naira as a return on investment of ₦2700 only. That’s impossible.

Bestschwab Referral Program

The platform also has a referral program that allows you to make a lot of money, just to recommend others to join the platform.

When you invite friends to join using your referral link, you will unlock unlimited opportunities to earn and grow your balance. You will receive total 5 levels bonus when your friend deposit in any of the bestschwab investment plan.

And upon referring anyone to deposit on the platform, your referral bonus will be automatically added to your account balance, there is no upper limit to the income you can earn through referrals! The more people you invite and the bigger their deposits, the more you can earn! Login

Logging into your account on the platform might become an issue at a point as it has already been happening yo a lot of the users on the platform, this is because the platform fo change it’s login link on a regular basis.

On this note, once the platform changed its URL and you’re not aware, the previous URL that you have always been using will become inaccessible and thereby locking you out of your account.

All you have to do is to look for their new login link and continue to access your account, however, if you are new yo and haven’t joined any of its subsidiaries in the past, I will advise you to stay away from the platform.

Latest bestschwab Login Link

Is legit or scam Review

We’ve carefully take a look at the platform and it’s indeed a very risky platform that you should avoid to the best of your capacity. Below are the attributes found on the platform that makes to advise you to stay away from the platform;

Dynamic URL

The URL of the platform is not stable and we have search for reasons that might necessitate the frequent changing of URL by the platform but found non. The only reason found is a tricky one.

They change the URL often in order to set new rules for some accounts and deny they withdrawal when they finally get access to their account via the new URL.

Selective Payment

While some individuals are getting paid from, some are not getting paid no matter how much they tried. This is a common trick by the majority of the Ponzi scheme investment platform to deceive lots of individuals by paying users at random to allow withdrawal proof circulate and seem as if they’re paying everyone.

Hidden Rules Found

Yes! It’s very bad for any platform to have an hidden rule and any platform that have a hidden rule shouldn’t be trusted.

When you access the platform and go to their withdrawal page, there’s no agreement or notification that says you must refer someone to invest on the platform before being able to withdraw. But as time goes on, a lot of individuals have encountered difficulties in withdrawing their earnings as a result of not having any referral.

Is Legit

Mere looking at the investment plans of the platform and how much you earn as return on investment on each plans, you will agree with me that the platform is far from being a legit platform. They might be paying and even your friends might be showing you series of withdrawal but believe me, anything can happen when it’s your turn to withdraw.

Is Scam is definitely a Ponzi scheme investment platform and have no source of income that to use new users investment to pay few old users that are due for withdrawal. Also, the earnings promised by the platform are too high and can crash at any point in time.

Hence is a potential Scam and even if you’re getting paid for now, the platform can definitely stop paying you at any point in time.

Conclusion: This review have so far provide you with all you need to know about the platform and should you develop any form of interest to invest on the platform, make sure to invest only the amount you can afford to loose.



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