Bank Code For Ghana Commercial Bank

Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB): Understanding Bank Codes & More

Bank Code For Ghana Commercial Bank: Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) doesn’t have a single unique bank code as it has multiple branches spread across the country.

However, there are two codes you can use to identify your GCB bank account depending on your needs:The article provides a comprehensive understanding of bank codes associated with Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB). Unlike some banks, GCB doesn’t have a single unique bank code due to its numerous branches across Ghana.

For international transactions, the SWIFT code GHCBGHACXXX serves as the universal identifier, with the last three digits representing specific branches. For domestic transactions within Ghana, each GCB branch possesses a unique 5-digit sort code.

To ensure accuracy, individuals can locate these codes on bank statements, online banking portals, the Bank of Ghana’s website, or by contacting GCB directly. Moreover, GCB extends its services to mobile money transactions through G-Money, which employs separate codes specific to individual accounts. The article emphasizes the importance of verifying recipient details before initiating any transactions to prevent errors.

Bank code for Ghana Commercial Bank:

Swift code (8 characters) GHCBGHAC
Branch name GCB BANK PLC
Branch code XXX
Bank name GCB BANK PLC
Country Ghana


  • GHCBGHACXXX: This is the universal identifier for GCB for international transactions. The last three digits (“XXX”) represent the specific branch, but you can leave them blank for general transactions.
  • Use this code when:
    • Making or receiving international payments
    • Sharing your bank details with foreign institutions

Sort Code:

  • Varies depending on the branch: Each GCB branch has a unique 5-digit sort code. You’ll need this for domestic transactions within Ghana.
  • Use this code when:
    • Making or receiving local bank transfers
    • Paying bills or setting up recurring payments within Ghana

Finding the Right Code

  • SWIFT Code: Always use GHCBGHACXXX for general transactions. You can find the specific branch code on your bank statement or by contacting GCB directly.
  • Sort Code:

Additional Information

  • Mobile Money Transactions: GCB also offers mobile money services through G-Money. This uses a separate code specific to your account. Contact GCB or visit their website for details.
  • Always verify: Before making any transactions, double-check the recipient’s bank and code to avoid errors.


In summary, the article offers valuable insights into understanding bank codes associated with Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), catering to both international and domestic transactions.

By delineating the significance of SWIFT and Sort codes, the article empowers individuals to navigate financial transactions effectively, whether within Ghana or across borders. Furthermore, with the provision of G-Money services for mobile transactions, GCB demonstrates adaptability to modern banking trends.

Encouraging diligence in verifying recipient details, the article underscores the importance of accuracy in financial dealings. Overall, armed with this knowledge, customers can confidently engage in banking activities, leveraging the convenience and security facilitated by GCB’s robust code infrastructure.

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