All MTN Ghana Short Codes

Navigating MTN Ghana: A Comprehensive Guide to Short Codes

All MTN Ghana Short Codes: Whether you’re a seasoned MTN user or just starting, knowing the handy shortcodes can save you time and effort. This comprehensive guide covers all the essential MTN Ghana short codes you need to manage your account, top up, access data, use mobile money, and more.

Account Management

  • Check your airtime balance: Dial *124#
  • Check your phone number: Dial 1231*1#
  • Check data bundle balance: Dial *138#
  • Check internet settings: Dial *139#
  • Activate roaming: Dial *136#
  • Report call faults: Dial 171
  • Report network problems: Dial 135
  • Contact customer care: Dial 100

Top Up and Airtime Transfer

  • Top up with an airtime voucher: Dial *134# and enter the voucher code
  • Top up with Mobile Money: Dial *170# and follow the prompts
  • Transfer airtime: Dial *198# and select “Transfer airtime”

Data Bundles

  • Browse data bundles: Dial *138#
  • Activate specific data bundles: Follow the prompts within the *138# menu
  • Check data bundle balance: Dial *138#
  • Borrow data: Dial *131#

Mobile Money

  • Access Mobile Money menu: Dial *170#
  • Send money: Choose “Send Money” within the *170# menu
  • Receive money: Check your phone for notification
  • Buy airtime: Choose “Buy airtime” within the *170# menu
  • Pay bills: Choose “Pay bills” within the *170# menu
  • Check Mobile Money balance: Choose “Check balance” within the *170# menu

Additional Services

  • Subscribe to caller ID: Dial *150#
  • Activate the “Please call me” service: Send a message with “0” followed by the recipient’s number to 1399
  • Report Mobile Money fraud: Dial 1515 and send a message with details
  • Subscribe to Do Not Disturb (DND) for unsolicited messages: Dial 2442
  • Port your number to another network: Dial 3232

Important Notes

  • Some shortcodes may change periodically. Refer to the official MTN Ghana website or dial 100 for the latest information.
  • Charges may apply for certain services accessed through shortcodes.
  • Always double-check numbers and details before performing any transactions.

FAQ About All MTN Ghana Short Codes

1. Are there any hidden charges associated with using shortcodes?

While most shortcodes are free to access, some services like Mobile Money transactions or data bundle activations might incur charges. Always check the prompts or the MTN website for specific details.

2. Where can I find the latest list of MTN Ghana short codes?

The official MTN Ghana website ( and dialing 100 from your MTN number are the most reliable sources for updated information.

3. What if I forget a specific short code?

You can often access the relevant service menu by dialing the main code (e.g., *138# for data bundles) and following the prompts within the menu. Alternatively, the MTN website or dialing 100 for customer care can assist you.

4. Can I use these shortcodes while roaming internationally?

Not all shortcodes function while roaming. Double-check with MTN or refer to their website for specific information before using them abroad.


Mastering these essential MTN Ghana short codes empowers you to manage your account effectively, access various services efficiently, and maximize your mobile experience. Remember to stay informed about any changes and use these codes responsibly for a smooth and convenient mobile journey.

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