Women’s World Cup kits 2023: All 32 jerseys, home and away, worn by teams from Nike, Adidas, and others

One of the most enjoyable parts of the run-up to a FIFA World Cup is the release of the new kit designs that the players will wear throughout the tournament. No matter how a team performs, they’ll hope to look good on the pitch while competing for a global FIFA title.

Adidas got the jump on the kit releases, dropping their Women’s World Cup threads March 23 for teams such as Germany, Argentina, Spain, Japan, Sweden and others. Meanwhile, top sides like the United States, England, Canada and France have deals with Nike, and saw their kits released April 3.

The Adidas kits sported a nature theme, “celebrating the iconic scenery and diverse natural landscapes of each country.” Meanwhile, Nike’s designs were centered around expressionism and “tuned to the unique needs of today’s powerful female footballer.”

The Sporting News brings you a full rundown of each country’s kit for the 2023 Women’s World Cup to be held in Australia and New Zealand. The nations are listed in order by FIFA ranking.


Asia: Australia | China | Japan | Philippines | South Korea | Vietnam
Africa: Morocco | Nigeria | South Africa | Zambia
North America: Canada | Costa Rica | Haiti | Jamaica | Panama | USA
South America: Argentina | Brazil | Colombia
Oceania: New Zealand
Europe: Denmark | England | France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | Norway | Portugal | Rep. of Ireland | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland

USA kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 1)

The top-ranked USWNT got a fresh new look for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. While the men’s threads were underwhelming for last year’s competition, and resoundingly denounced, this look from Nike has been overwhelmingly lauded.

Nike’s home kit for the United States sports a really fresh splatter design, with red and blue splotches covering a white background. It’s a wonderful creation that will be a huge improvement over last year’s bland blue kit.

The away kit is clearly part of a larger template that Nike deployed for other countries like England, Canada, the Netherlands and Nigeria, but it still sports some eye-catching features. The most enjoyable part of the away kit is the sock, which has some really bold tiger stripes.

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Germany kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 2)

As part of the nature theme from Adidas, Germany’s away kit for the 2023 Women’s World Cup is a stunner, and one of the top selections in the field.

The gorgeous green shirt is “inspired by the various deep green woodland areas found within the country,” says Adidas. It’s a beautiful look, and up there alongside Canada’s maple leaf shirt with the best at the tournament.

Germany’s home kit is a clean, classic look, with a black stripe splitting two white vertical sides and the crest centrally located.

Sweden kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 3)

Sweden’s Adidas kits for the 2023 Women’s World Cup are somewhat muted compared to the bold choices of a few other nations, but they still stand out among the rest with a gorgeous shade of blue.

The away kit features a bubble pattern that Adidas says is “inspired by the vast glacial rivers and ice caps that can be found across the country.” The home jersey, meanwhile, is a yellow shirt with very subtle vertical stripes that would be fun if they were easier to see, but they’re so hidden that they are essentially pointless.

England kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 4)

The Lionesses got their threads from Nike’s early April release, and they have a pair of options to choose from.

The home kit is hugely disappointing, a Nike template that is bland white and is a clear replica of a number of other countries, but their away kit is a much more fun look. The baby blue background pops nicely with the darker blue triangle design overtop.

France kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 5)

In comparison with some of the more bold choices for this World Cup, the France squad will wear a more subdued kit design in Australia and New Zealand.

The away kit is a white shirt with a subtle etched design that seems fun but is really tough to make out. The home kit, meanwhile, is a lilac blue shirt that again has a subtle digital pattern but from afar just looks like a plain shirt. Nike says the designs are “inspired by Orphism, an art movement popularized in the 1920s, when the first French women’s football teams were taking the field.”

Canada kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 6)

While the Canada national team took significant flak for not having new kits for the 2022 World Cup built into their Nike contract, the women will now be able to sport new designs for this year’s tournament, and they have one of the best looks in the entire tournament.

Like England, their white home kit is extremely bland and a clear deployment of Nike’s annoying use of templates, their red away kit is a spectacular look. The shattered glass design produces a black maple leaf that leaps off the background of varying red shades.

Spain kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 7)

World No. 6 Spain are the last Pot 1 side and will contest their group stage games against Japan, Costa Rica, and Zambia.

As part of the nature-themed Adidas release, Spain’s away kit is a white look with purple and blue designs creeping in from the corners. Adidas says the kit “takes inspiration from the beautiful coral reefs that can be found around Spain’s vast coastlines” which is something they share with World Cup hosts Australia and New Zealand.

The Spain home kit is a classic red look that features very little design intrigue, with a simple red shirt marked by a yellow collar trim and navy blue Adidas shoulder stripes.

Netherlands kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 8)

The Dutch have some fun looks for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, but they don’t quite stack up to some of the other nations. For their home kit, the Oranj have, you guessed it, an orange shirt with a similar subtle digital pattern that’s clearly taken from the template of others like France and South Korea.

For the away kit, it’s a more enjoyable and fun dark blue shirt with lighter blue splotches in an eye-catching but random design. Nike says this kit “spotlights the colors of the flag, sporting blue as their primary color” while the splotch pattern “took the lioness, the Dutch women’s national team crest, and combined its shape with geometric modern patterns.” Pretty cool!

Brazil kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 9)

While you always knew Brazil’s home kit would be the iconic yellow look with the green collar and crest on the left pocket, the away kit is a new look and one that works quite well.

Nike says the Brazil away kit, which is a purple-blue shirt with a neon green shoulder design is “inspired by the Amazon” and “highlights the beautiful Amazon ecosystem through the pattern’s knit textures.”

Australia kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 10)

The 2023 Women’s World Cup hosts have done extremely well for their tournament on home soil.

Their home kit is a yellow design with deep green trim, a classic color combination for Australia, and while initially it appeared the background swirl design was hidden by the bright yellow color and no contrast, when worn, it really pops quite well.

The away kit is another entry in the widespread Nike template for the 2023 tournament, a teal shirt with yellow trim.

Japan kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 11)

Adidas crushed it with their nature kit release, and Japan’s selection is a top choice in that group.

The Asian nation has a pink and purple away kit that recalls “color cues from the beautiful pink sunrise that can be witnessed at Mount Fuji.” The color is also reminiscent of the pink flowering Yoshino tree common in Japanese art and culture.

Japan’s home kit is a familiar look, a mix of blue shades put together in a really smart triangle pattern. The design is similar to ones worn by Japan teams in recent years, but has a fun flavor to it. Overall, Japan will sport one of the best home/away combos in the entire Women’s World Cup field.

Norway kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 12)

Both of Norway’s kits for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, designed by Nike, are extremely subdued. Both are simple, one-color designs that are meant to “mix and match the colors of its national flag in a prominent way,” according to Nike.

One kit is a red shirt with wide blue piping down the underarms, while the other is a white kit with a red Nike check on one breastplate and the crest on the other, plus red shorts. They’re both, in all fairness, very clean and sharp looks, but it would have been nice to have one bolder option.

China kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 13)

Like Norway, China’s kit for the 2023 Women’s World Cup is a plain pair of simple shirts.

Nike says the two kits, with one yellow and one red, “shine a spotlight on China’s traditional colors of red and yellow, a combination deeply rooted in China’s identity and culture.”

China 2023 Women's World Cup kit

Denmark kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 15)

Denmark’s kit maker Hummel made headlines during the men’s tournament last December as they intentionally hid both their own logo and the Denmark crest to protest human rights violations in Qatar.

Now, for the 2023 tournament in Australia and New Zealand, they are back with a bold look. While the kit sports a really cool design, it’s slightly lazy, as both the away kit and home kit are the same design with simply reversed colors. Still, it’s a neat design that features both a foreground design and a background design with “pop art inspiration.”

Italy kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 16)

Ranked 14th in the world, Italy have two excellent kits for this year’s Women’s World Cup which were released earlier this year after signing their new kit deal, but sadly the similarity between the two shirts brings them down a notch.

The home kit is an excellent blue shirt with a wave or ripple pattern in a diagonal direction, with white Adidas designations and dark blue shorts. Meanwhile, the away kit is a white shirt with really neat navy blue marbling that Adidas says invokes “the imagery of traditional Italian craftsmanship.”

South Korea kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 17)

The Koreans are kitted by Nike and have a pair of clean, if not a bit lazy, choices for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The home kit is a solid white kit with a large red stripe down the sides, which stops early and is finished in blue. It’s a really cool and clean look, but was essentially copied for the away kit, which is red with a pink stripe down the side.

South Korea Women's World Cup kit

Switzerland kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 20)

After Switzerland’s kit for the men’s World Cup last year was resoundingly criticized, Puma has gone back to the basics for Switzerland, to their benefit.

The women in 2023 will wear a very sharp kit with thin pinstripes interspersed with tiny dots that create a kind of subtle cross-stitch pattern. The background is a beautiful wispy shading that gets darker red as the kit descends, calling to mind the mountainous geography of the nation.

Portugal kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 21)

Portugal have a contender for best kit of the tournament with one of their designs.

While the home kit is, of course, the classic red shirt with a forest green outer stripe, the away kit is a very bold look that works to perfection. The kit is a white background with a splatter design of green and red that features splats of different sizes all working in harmony. Well done, Nike!

Ireland kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 22)

Kits for Ireland are made by Umbro, who have put forth a classy pair of kits for Ireland’s debut at a Women’s World Cup. They’re not exactly bold, but they’re sharp.

The home kit features a green faded background which is broken up by one thin white pinstripe down the middle and one yellow pinstripe to each side. The sleeves are a lighter shade of green, which is a nice touch.

Meanwhile, their road kit is another simple design with a plain white background broken up by thin horizontal stripes, and the green collar is a nice touch to an otherwise simple shirt.

New Zealand kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 25)

The joint-hosts were part of Nike’s big release in early April, and boy do their shirts rock.

The home kit is the best one, a black shirt with an eye-popping faded design of ferns sponged all over the jersey. The away kit, meanwhile, is a white shirt with a stellar dark teal trim and shorts. These are exceptional kits!

Colombia kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 26)

Designed by Adidas, Colombia’s away kit might just be the best one at the tournament. The German kit maker says that the design, which features a pink and yellow sunburst color scheme marbles through a dark blue background “pays homage to the many hues of the Caño Cristales River — often referred to as the ‘River of Five Colors’ — celebrating the unique changing phenomenon that occurs due to the reflection of light against the water.” It’s a home run.

Meanwhile, the home kit is a classic yellow Colombia shirt with narrow red piping on the sleeves and edges.

Argentina kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 28)

From Adidas, Argentina have an excellent away kit that makes some really bold choices. The kit is, according to Adidas, inspired by “striking landscapes from Serranía de Hornocal in the north to Ushuaia in the south,” which “signifies the diverse natural landscapes found across the country.”

The most noticeable feature of the kit is the two-toned sleeve stripes, which is a risky move but works in this case.

Adidas did not highlight a home kit, but one can assume it’s likely to be some version of the traditional Argentina home kit with blue and white vertical stripes. 

Vietnam kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 33)

Vietnam, who wear kits made by Thai apparel company Grand Sport, and as far as subtlety goes, they’ve absolutely knocked it out of the park. While there’s nothing flashy about the Vietnam kit at this year’s Women’s World Cup, it’s a lesson in less is more.

Their home kit is a simple red shirt with just the flag on one side and the Grand Sport logo on the other, but look closer and there’s a fabulous diamond pattern on the background that’s just so slightly visible.

The white away kit is even more brilliant, with a wispy marble pattern broken up only by a red button collar and a red sleeve trim. Really well done by Vietnam, who will look to find themselves a result or two in a very difficult group alongside the United States, Portugal, and Netherlands.

Costa Rica kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 36)

Costa Rica, formerly a New Balance team, are now with Adidas starting in 2023. Their kit for the year was released earlier in January as part of the announcement of the new deal.

Their home kit is a classic red look with a navy blue trim and white Adidas stripes, featuring the very slick new “CR” Costa Rica crest. The away kit, meanwhile, is a white shirt with tiny gold pinstripes and gold collar, a really sharp shirt that maybe could have used just a little more girth to the pinstripes. Not bad!

Nigeria kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 42)

African nations have long been known for having bold and enjoyable kits, and that remains true in this event for Nigeria, whose Nike shirts are fun and energetic while remaining clean and crisp.

The home kit is a neon, or “electric” green that’s played off the template used for many other Nike shirts, but the away kit is a really neat black shirt with blue and purple twists in diagonal patterns. Nike says this away kit “combines modern shapes with traditional prints; the up-close details on the graphic pattern pay homage to the team’s ‘Super Falcons’ name.”

Jamaica kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 43)

While Jamaica have often opted for bold choices, this year Adidas have gone for more conservative options. It works, to some extent.

The home kit is a classic, and a great one at that, as the yellow background has thin green pinstripes to break it up. It’s a great look, as the pinstripes aren’t too numerous to take over, and the green and black collar along with the black Adidas trim looks sharp.

The away kit is a really good base color scheme, but it comes up short with no design to speak of on the front. The kit is a brown color with a fun red, green, and white trim on the collar and sleeves. However, the blank front just feels … blank. We want more!

And guess what … there is! Unlike other teams at the World Cup this July and August, Jamaica have a third kit to choose from, and it’s a winner. Designed by fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner, who is of Jamaican descent, the navy blue background has an awesome tribal pattern throughout.

Philippines kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 49)

Designed by Adidas, the Philippines kits for the 2023 Women’s World Cup feature two designs with different background colors but similar modeling. The federation signed a new deal with Adidas in February that runs through 2027.

The home kit is a red shirt with thin white pinstripes, along with blue Adidas shoulder stripes that always come in groups of three, as per the company’s branding. The away kit is essentially a reverse version of this, with a blue background and red pinstripes, plus thick red Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

The red one is nice and crisp, but the reverse kit doesn’t really work, as it’s hard to see the thin red pinstripes contrasted on a very loud deep blue background color.

Panama kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 52)

Panama changed their kit maker from New Balance to Reebok for the 2023 calendar year, and their inaugural shirts are quite classy.

The home kit is a clean white shirt with a collar and buttons, plus white shorts. Meanwhile, the away kit is a classic red look with a subtle hexagonal design reminiscent of a football.

Haiti kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 53)

Kits for Haiti are made by Colombian apparel brand Saeta, and they have put forth a truly wonderful design for the Caribbean nation at this year’s tournament.

The home kit is a stunner, a deep blue background with a diamond tribal-esque pattern that’s hidden enough so that it’s not too loud. The kit also features a wonderful red accent on the collar and sleeve, with the sleeve’s color faded to black in a really slick way.

Somewhat disappointing, the away kit is the exact same design but different colors, with a white background and blue accents on the sleeve and collar. It’s still a neat design, but it’s a bummer that they essentially have the same kit twice. Still, very well done overall.

South Africa kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 54)

French apparel company Le Coq Sportif is the kit maker for South Africa, and they held a voting process to determine the final design for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The kit maker released a final five selections and had fans vote on the winner. So which one came out on top?

The best one, naturally. A trio of kits were released, and boy are they spectacular. First, the home kit is a classic forest green look with a hidden design, and that same design is featured in the away kit but pops so much louder in green on a yellow background.

However, the best of the bunch is the third kit, which is a white shirt with gold and black stripes offset by diagonal breaks. It really does come together wonderfully. Well done!

Morocco kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 73)

Morocco, a Puma side, were late on the draw to release their kit for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, putting forth just one shirt, but it was worth the wait.

The home kit is a classy red shirt with thin electricity stripes traveling from the right shoulder down toward the bottom left of the wearer. It’s a sharp pattern that’s not too eye-popping but provides some intrigue. The green collar adds some color dispersement, while the stripes alternate in darkness to also give it some pop.

Zambia kit for 2023 Women’s World Cup (No. 77)

The Copper Queens of Zambia have were one of the last national teams to release their kit for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. While Zambia used to be a Nike side, they were dropped by the apparel company in 2014 and started their own brand known as KoPa, who now make their kits.

It looks like they have three different designs to choose from, but one stands out. The green kit is a really neat look, with alternating yellow, red and black stripes that feature vertically underneath the Zambia federation logo. There’s also a yellow version of that same kit with just black stripes, and a white kit that’s plain with just green collar and sleeve accents. Not bad!

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