WAEC Fines Ebonyi Private Schools

WAEC Fines Ebonyi Private Schools

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has levied a significant penalty against 147 private and mission schools in Ebonyi State for alleged examination malpractices. The fine, amounting to N36.7million, is a direct response to the de-recognition of these schools following their involvement in misconduct during examinations.

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Reduced Penalties Following State Government Intervention

In a press briefing held in Abakaliki, Dr. Sunday Nwangele, the Education Commissioner for Ebonyi State, stated that the initial fine of N500,000 per school had been reduced to N250,000 following the intervention of the state government. The state authorities had sent a memo to WAEC, appealing for a reduction in the fines and the cancellation of the de-recognition of the affected schools.

“After our memo and appeal for WAEC to consider waiving the fine imposed on the 147 private schools, WAEC considered our appeal and cancelled the de-recognition of the private schools and reduced the penalty by 50%. So instead of paying N500,000, they will now pay N250,000 each,” Dr. Nwangele explained.

Background of De-Recognition and Fines

It’s worth noting that several schools within Ebonyi State were de-recognized by the examination body last year due to allegations of examination malpractices. Consequently, each school was fined N500,000 by WAEC for this violation of examination standards and regulations.

State Government’s Financial Commitment Towards Public Schools

In addition to addressing the issue with private schools, Dr. Nwangele also highlighted the state government’s commitment to supporting public schools caught in similar situations. The government paid N50million on behalf of public schools implicated in malpractices, which initially faced a collective fine of N98million from WAEC. This payment has significantly reduced the financial burden on these public schools, leaving a balance of N48million yet to be paid.


The hefty fines imposed by WAEC on schools involved in examination malpractices demonstrate a firm commitment to uphold the integrity of the examination process. With the state government’s intervention leading to a reduction in fines and the cancellation of de-recognition, the affected schools have been granted a second chance. However, this incident serves as a stern reminder of the consequences of violating examination standards and the need for all educational institutions to commit to ethical practices in conducting examinations.

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