“The Best Part of My Week”: 10 Creative Hobbies That Won’t Break the Bank

Everybody enjoys a good hobby, especially one that sparks creativity. However, having a creative hobby is made even better if it is something that you can do inexpensively while at the same time having plenty of fun.

During a recent online forum discussion, these specific hobbies were topics of conversation, where hobbyists worldwide converged to suggest specific hobbies that check all these boxes!

1. Cooking

Just because you’ll never be the next Iron Chef doesn’t mean you can’t take up cooking as a hobby. So many people declare cooking a vital creative outlet, as they find themselves competing against themselves to execute recipes flawlessly while being adventurous with ingredients. Plus, an expertly-prepared meal made with love that you can share with friends and family means your newfound hobby will be appreciated by more than just yourself!

2. Running

Although running may not be for everyone, the activity makes this list simply because it is free to do in every way. Aside from sneakers (which you most likely already own), there is no up-front cost like other hobbies, making running the most frugal and creative hobby to take up.

If you’re worried that running won’t be fun, know that experiencing a “runner’s high” is real – and trust me, it feels incredible. Nothing beats the endorphins flowing through your body after finishing a sweaty run – you’ll feel inspired and fulfilled, guaranteed.

3. Practicing Yoga

Diving into the world of yoga can mean something other than investing in a costly yoga studio membership or buying expensive equipment. According to many men and women, practicing yoga can be done in the comfort of your home, utilizing a comfortable blanket or rug instead of a yoga mat.

As one woman attests, sometimes you’ll find that yoga is an activity that is most comfortable on surfaces other than expensive yoga mats. “I bought a yoga mat,” she reveals. “Used it once. I prefer yoga on the carpet. So now the mat just sits in storage.”

4. Playing Piano

Multiple hobbyists suggest playing piano, citing an abundance of free pianos available on services like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. If you can get your hands on a free piano, learning how to play this instrument will go hand-in-hand with expressing yourself creatively. In addition, many say music provides them joy daily, and playing the piano can be an incredibly fulfilling hobby – so if you can, don’t pass it up!

5. Writing

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Whether you put pen to paper or type away on a computer keyboard, writing is one of the most-suggested hobbies for frugal people who want to explore their creativity. “I adore writing,” admits one woman. “I have an idea for a book, and it’s been exciting to finally have something I’m passionate about. I’ve been spending 6 hours writing some nights. It’s very fun and creative. Even if it never goes anywhere other than my Google docs.” In addition, you may have the next great American novel inside you!

6. Photography

Thanks to recent advancements in technology, you no longer need to shell out the big bucks for expensive cameras to dive headfirst into the world of photography. Instead, in 2023, the cameras on your mobile phone are more than capable of capturing unforgettable moments that will serve to inspire you.

After all, you’ve taken countless photos with your phone already, and the leap from amateur photographer to somebody with an eye for the hobby may be easier than you think.

7. Bird Watching

I know what you’re thinking, but you’re mistaken: bird watching is not lame. On the contrary, it’s an incredibly calming hobby that costs nothing, spurs creative juices, and can be incredibly rewarding and fun. Furthermore, the bird-watching community is exceptionally welcoming. If you’re worried that many stuck-up professional birdwatchers will look down on you, I assure you that is not the case. Take it from one hobbyist who calls his weekly bird-watching sessions “the best part of my week.”

8. Hiking

If you reside in one of the more naturally-wonderous areas of the world, hiking can be an incredibly fulfilling hobby. One avid hiker touts his go-to game plan for putting a great hike together. “Get maps, dress appropriately, and bring water,” he advises.

“Pack a lunch. Gas can be pricey, but depending on where you are in the country, it’s extremely accessible. Bonus points if you make a generic Instagram account to post photos of cool views you saw while hiking.” It seems doable to me – Pacific Northwest, here I come!

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9. Knitting

Knitting: it’s not just for grandma anymore! Countless hobbyists cite knitting as their go-to creative hobby that costs nearly nothing. Of course, knitting has plenty of upsides; think of all the blankets, shawls, and sweaters you can create, and think of how warm all those things can keep your friends and family during the colder winter months. In addition, you don’t have anything in common with grandma, so your newfound interest in knitting will bring you two closer together. It’s a win-win hobby.

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10. Completing Jigsaw Puzzles

Although not a mainstream hobby by any means, solving jigsaw puzzles is an underrated frugal (and fun) hobby that appeals to a person’s creative side.

Many people confess to utilizing their local public library to participate in frequent puzzle swaps, guaranteeing that this hobby comes at a minimal out-of-pocket cost. It’s another reason to love the often-neglected local library, which offers so much more than just books in 2023.

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