Seun Kuti explains why poor people sell their votes


Seun Kuti has given an explanation for why the poor sell their votes in elections.

Seun Kuti explains why poor people sell their votes
Seun Kuti explains why poor people sell their votes

He argued that politicians’ decisions are influenced by professionals from the entertainment industry and other fields who sell their services to them for personal gain.

Seun asserted on the Afrobeats Podcast with Adesope Olajode that when the normal person sees celebrities accepting money in exchange for using their talent to support dishonest political officials, it impacts their thinking.

According to the musician, it is evil and hypocritical for civil officials, attorneys, journalists, and bankers who show support or work with corrupt public officer holders to criticize people who collect money to vote for a particular candidate or party.


They observe what middle-classers do to receive money from politicians and live opulent lifestyles and believe that they can grab a piece of it by selling votes, he said. –

In his words;

“I say to people all the time, that why Nigerians sell their votes because all you professionals, leading up to the election, you sell your talent to this people, the only thing the common man have is his vote. I mean there is no way anybody in Nigeria will sell their vote if the Journalist did not sell his worth, if the civil servant did not sell his service, if Lawyer did not sell Law, if Judge did not sell Judgment, If oil worker did not sell our diesel, If banker did not launder, if musician did not sing, we all sell and the poor people see us selling and making a killing and it reach their own turn…”

Watch him speak below;

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