Sam Hartman necklace, explained: Notre Dame QB is wearing removed rib as jewelry after offseason surgery

You may have heard of a lucky rabbit foot, but what about a lucky bone necklace?

Notre Dame QB Sam Hartman is making his Fighting Irish debut on Saturday, as Notre Dame faces Navy in the Aer Lingus College Football Classic in Dublin, Ireland, and the transfer from Wake Forest is bringing a piece of himself across the pond  — literally.

Hartman is sporting a necklace that has part of his actual rib in it. Yes, you did read that correctly. A piece of Hartman’s ribs is dangling around his neck. 

The rib necklace had been teased leading up to the beginning of the season, but it was unclear if Hartman would actually wear it or not. However, the senior signal caller has the jewelry around him for the Week 0 contest. 

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The Sporting News explains the story behind Hartman’s unique necklace. 

Sam Hartman necklace, explained

The story of the rib goes back to this offseason when Hartman was diagnosed with Paget-Schroetter syndrome. Part of the treatment for Hartman was to undergo a procedure to get rid of blood clots.

Removing the rib closest to his collarbone was part of the requirements of the operation. This was done to prevent any further blood clotting. 

Instead of disposing of the rib like most people, Hartman elected to keep it, choosing to turn it into a necklace. His mother, Lisa, explained to The Athletic this summer that the piece of rib was kept in the freezer in order to remove the flesh from the bone. 

“It’s to get rid of the flesh that was on the rib,” Lisa Hartman said in July. “He means the world to me, so if he wants me to clean the flesh off of his ribs, then that’s what I’m gonna do.

“It doesn’t look anything like it used to. It’s nice and white and clean. It looks like something that can be hanging on a necklace.”

The rib bone does look a lot cleaner than expected on the necklace, appearing similarly to a piece of jewelry that has a shark’s tooth on it. 

Whether Hartman wears it the rest of the year is unknown, but for now, he is bringing his own sort of luck to the Fighting Irish. 

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