Ruger reveals the secret behind his most recent songs


Ruger has opened up about the inspiration for many of the tracks on his “Second Wave” deluxe album.

Ruger reveals the secret behind his most recent songs
Ruger reveals the secret behind his most recent songs

During a FaceTime conversation with Dadaboy Ehiz on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio, the Afropop artist revealed this and talked about the project.

“Second Wave Deluxe” has many tunes based on his personal experiences, according to him.


When asked if he was concerned about the way in which music fans latch onto a successful song and then move on to the next big thing, he said:

Ruger said:

“I don’t know but I feel like if they don’t hear anything from you in a while they feel like “Where’s Ruger?”.

Also, the “Girlfriend” crooner claimed that his music is honest, original, and resonates with people, as well.

He Said:

“Listeners need to know that whenever Ruger comes through, it’s always a 100% vibe, so these songs are very personal songs to me – ‘Girlfriend’ is a personal song, ‘WeWe’ is a personal song, and ‘Warning’ is also a personal song,”

“It’s just me stating about my personal experiences, and people who can relate to what I’m talking about, can relate.”

Ruger also appreciated his fans for the support, adding that he doesn’t take it for granted.

The Jonzing artist said:

“I thank God and I thank everyone that enjoys my music as it comes out every time. It’s just encouragement for me to work harder and keep doing my best,”

“Never going to the studio to do any mediocre sounds, never going to the studio to say whatever I drop they’re going to listen, I go into the studio giving my 100% best and God will do the rest for me.

“I feel like these songs are going to go very far, I’m proud of what I’ve done in the studio and I’m thankful for everyone supporting me in every little way they can. I’ll keep giving my best.”

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