Rubiales ordered to give testimony by judge investigating World Cup kiss

Luis Rubiales has been ordered to give testimony to a Spanish judge investigating the incident in which the ex-Spain FA president kissed a player at the Women’s World Cup.

Judge Francisco de Jorge ordered Rubiales to answer his questions on Friday at Spain’s National Court in Madrid, according to court documents seen by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Rubiales kissed Spain player Jennifer Hermoso during the awards ceremony after Spain beat England to win the title last month in Sydney, Australia. He said she had consented to the kiss, but Hermoso has denied that.

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Spanish football journalist Semra Hunter says she is ‘shocked’ by the news of Luis Rubiales’ resignation, following the Jenni Hermoso kissing row

Spanish state prosecutors formally accused Rubiales last week of alleged sexual assault and an act of coercion when, according to Hermoso, he pressured her to speak out in his defense immediately after the scandal erupted.

Rubiales announced on Sunday that he was resigning from his post, from which he had already been provisionally suspended by FIFA.

De Jorge is carrying out the preliminary investigation into the accusations against Rubiales, and will then decide whether the case should go to trial.

According to a sexual consent law passed in Spain last year, Rubiales could face a fine or a prison sentence of one to four years if found guilty of sexual assault. The new law eliminated the difference between “sexual harassment” and “sexual assault”, sanctioning any non-consensual sexual act.

Timeline of events in Rubiales controversy

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Rubiales previously refused to resign as Spanish FA president

August 20 – Rubiales kisses forward Hermoso on the lips during World Cup final medal ceremony. Hermoso is later heard in a social media post saying she “didn’t like” the kiss.

August 20 – The RFEF releases a statement on Hermoso’s behalf in which she is quoted as saying “it was a totally spontaneous mutual gesture”.

August 21 – After his behaviour is described as “unacceptable” by Spain’s acting culture and sports minister Miquel Iceta, Rubiales issues a video statement apologising for his actions.

August 22 – Spain’s acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez brands Rubiales’ conduct “unacceptable” and his apology “not sufficient”.

August 24 – FIFA opens proceedings against Rubiales.

August 25 – A defiant Rubiales repeatedly insists he will not resign in an extraordinary press conference.

August 25 – Spain’s World Cup-winning women’s team say they will not play any matches for the country until Rubiales has been removed from his job.

August 25 – Hermoso accuses the RFEF of placing her under “continuous pressure to come up with a statement that could justify the act of Mr Luis Rubiales”.

August 26 – The RFEF threatens Hermoso with legal action over her comments. Rubiales is later banned “from all football-related activities at national and international level” for an initial period of 90 days by FIFA.

August 26 – Spain women’s coaching staff, with the notable exception of manager Jorge Vilda, resign en masse. Vilda later criticises Rubiales’ conduct.

August 28 – Reports in Spain say Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar, is on hunger strike after locking herself in a church in protest at her son’s “inhuman” treatment at the hands of his critics.

September 5 – RFEF apologises for the “enormous damage” caused by Rubiales’ actions.

September 5 – Vilda is sacked as Spain head coach, 16 days after leading the team to World Cup glory in Sydney.

September 6 – Hermoso formally submits a complaint about Rubiales to Spain’s national prosecutor’s office.

September 10 – Rubiales announces that he is resigning from his post.

September 12 – Rubiales ordered to give testimony to a Spanish judge investigating his kiss with Hermoso.

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