PSquare hint fans ahead of their upcoming single


For more than a year, P-Square has promised fans that they will release new songs.

PSquare hint fans ahead of their upcoming single
PSquare hint fans ahead of their upcoming single

P-Square was one of the largest acts in Afrobeats and African music at the zenith of their fame, which lasted for several years. Across the continent, their music was embraced and their dance abilities were widely praised.

Mr P tweeted “No sleep! We are still awake here in the studio working! Get ready! Good/Evergreen music is comin,.” he tweeted urging fans to expect new music from the famous duo soon.


Despite the pleadings of fans and well-meaning persons, the twin brothers chose to break up after more than a decade of crafting timeless music.

Their individual solo careers failed to reach the heights they earned as a team after their untimely breakup. The brothers reunited after a long separation.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the duo’s return to the fascinating music they are known for since their triumphant comeback.

To begin the second phase of the iconic group whose skills elevated Afrobeats to greater heights, P-Square has finally disclosed that they are releasing new songs.

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