Omah Lay discusses 5 interesting facts about his album ‘Boy Alone’

Omah Lay’s long-awaited Boy Alone album has arrived, and the singer has graciously shared some details about the project just hours before its official release. Here are some interesting tidbits regarding the CD!

Omah Lay discusses 5 interesting facts about his album ‘Boy Alone’
Omah Lay discusses 5 interesting facts about his album ‘Boy Alone’

Port-Harcourt Omah Lay’s Boy Alone album was released in the early hours of July 15th, causing a sensation among music fans in Nigeria. Omah Lay had offered his fans an early gift in the form of a Q&A session about the album just a few hours before it was released.

Omah Lay shared some information about his new album, Boy Alone, with his fans:


For Omah Lay, creating Bend You wasn’t a stroll in the park, regardless of how popular the song has become. The second stanza of the song, according to the singer, was the longest he’d ever written for the album as a whole.

Omah Lay’s debut album is a symbol of keeping true to oneself, being comfortable in one’s own skin, and enjoying life on one’s own terms. In fact, the artist claims that the name “Boy Alone” is his father’s.

Omah Lay, formerly a producer and now a musician, had previously confessed that the album’s release had been delayed because he is an overthinker. Furthermore, he revealed that the album’s compositions were largely inspired by his own reflection.

Omah Lay’s composition approach varies for the singer who remarked that I’m A Mess was the song that felt most like him. According to him, it could take anywhere from an hour to a year to write a single song. In addition, the album took him 18 months to record.Also, Omah Lay reacted to the subject of whether Burna Boy would be on the record, indicating that he’d pulled him off. This time, it was a joke, the creator of the Boy Alone took the time to clarify, saying that the collaboration between these two Port Harcourt legends would be coming soon with a crossed fingers emoji.

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