New Trend Called ‘Delicate Dumping’ Is A Cruel Way To Breakup With Someone

Relationship therapists from around the world are calling the new ‘Delicate Dumping’ trend a ‘cruel’ way to end a relationship with a partner.

The delicate dumping way of breaking up with someone involves slowly backing away from someone without ever telling them that you don’t want to be with them. This involves ghosting them, slowly responding to their messages or calls and eventually just ignoring them all together.

Delicate dumping may seem like it’s an easy way to escape an unwanted relationship, but in reality it’s just unkind and a very immature and weak way to leave a relationship. I think just about everyone reading this has more than likely been involved in a breakup at some point in their life. From personal experience, ripping off the band aid and just being honest is always the best option. Ghosting someone, or taking forever to respond to their messages/calls can really cause stress on both parties involved and it’s stress that just need to be.

On relationship therapist had this to say about delicate dumping, ‘If you want to break up with someone, get your big boy pants on and don’t be a coward.’

While some people may hate confrontation or just not care enough about the person to just be honest with them – delicate dumping just isn’t the way to go.

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