MOVIE: Unexpected (2023)

Directed by Abdias Laguerre and based on a true story, “Unexpected Love” is a beautiful tale that captures the American university experience through the lens of international students Ada, Jean, Marie & Nnamdi. Prepare to experience the whirlwind Journey of friendship, young love and the blending of Haitian and Nigerian traditions in this heartwarming, romantic comedy.

Meet The Cast.

Ada Ike – Tonye Garrick
Jean Baptiste – Flav Gabel
Nneka Ike – Stella Damasus
NaMÓ – Chief Obi
Marie – Naomy Grand’Pierre
Nnamdi – Ugonna Maduke
Uncle Daniel – Reginald Chevalier

Shot in Lagos, Nigeria, and Cap-Haitien, Haiti, Unexpected Love is set for Spring 2023 release.

She is tired of heartbreaks and he is tired of being a playboy, so they faked a marriage just to inherit wealth from his billionaire Dad…

But the unexpected happened when his dad got to know their plan…

Download and enjoy below

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