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For all subjects Available to get for a token


2023 JAMB Runs | 2023/2024 JAMB CBT Expo | UTME Answers (Chokes) Portal

Welcome To DONPROSPER Exam Board

Warning: Please do not Read this if you’re not Ready to Gain Admission this year.

2023 JAMB Runs | 2023/2024 JAMB CBT Expo | UTME Answers OBJECTIVES & ESSAY,Objective CORRECT: 2023/2024 Jamb Jamb Jamb OBJ Essay Questions,And . Expo/Runs.,2023/2024 Jamb Jamb Objective,and Essay EXPO/QUESTIONS/ ANSWERS FREE.,Jamb 2023 Obj and Essay Answers – Nov/Dec Expo 2023 Essay and Obj QUESTION AND ANSWERS NOW AVAILABLE, maths obj and theory Jamb 2023 free expo


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INTRODUCTION: I’m Mr PROSPER the famous examination specialist since 2009, over thousands of Nigeria students made excellent jamb Result from this site www.Donprosper.com . Our candidates get their exam questions and answers 5hrs before exam under us… our source remain the best of all when it come to examination assistance specialist

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Jamb expo, jamb runs, jamb runz, legit jamb expo website, legit jamb runs site, best jamb portal, best jamb expo websiteOn this page, we will put you through how to subscribe and get the accurate correct JAMB Questions and Answers 5hours before the exam commences. kindly take your time to read through the page as we have also taken our time to explain everything in full detail.

Do you know that if you are seeking admission into university or polytechnic with your course choice, you must have scored more than 250+ in your JAMB result because it gives you better chance than those WITH 200+?

Here We have two(2) categories Method of delivering the 2023 JAMB answers. 

They are listed as follows:

PLAN A: Direct Answer to your Computer

For this method your 2023 JAMB Questions will be answered automatically immediately you login during the day of your exam, You will meet 70% of your questions answered automatically, This method is secured and safe with the help of our authenticate session_decode.

These package includes answer send to you 3hours before your exam date and Time, training/lesson to ensure you score high and know how to use it!. Note; maximum score is 280+ above 100% assured if you don’t score above 280+ your money will be refunded to you. Note early payment will help you score high because of the training.

Video Player


The above video is how we will Answer 70% of your Questions before the exam. So all you have to do is to the remaining one, submit and leave the exam hall…

NOTE: even though you did not do the remaining one we left for you, scoring between the range 230-280+ is Assured because we hired professionals to answer the question for you.

we are never out for SCAM, so we can’t be telling false information because what we do here is real and legit, watch the Above Video(s) to see what am trying to explain.

PLAN A PRICE: ₦20,000

PLAN B: Mobile Question and Answer Via Online & WhatsApp

For this method your 2023 JAMB Questions and Answers will be extracted inform of PDF which will be available on your Portal. Answers would be uploaded 2hours before the exam time which can be accessible with your secret coupon code sent to you via WhatsApp and Email after successful registration payment.

These package includes training/lesson to ensure you score high and know how to use it! Note; maximum score is 200+ above 100% assured. Note early payment will help you score high because of the training.


You will have to Login with your Jamb Reg Number Once You Subscribe with us i.e You Pay to Us, Instantly Your Jamb Reg Number will be Registered By the Admin. Contact MR PROSPER ON WHATSAPP OR SMS 08095156374 to get Registered Now

PLAN B PRICE ₦15,000

Note; Every Candidate Has Different Questions and Answers.

Note; Early payment will help you score high because we Will give you attention during your training.


This Plan is highly Recommend if you want to choose for Plan B.

We Shall Be Using a Unique Systematic Software Extraction Method Once You Login With the PIN given to you by the Admin (Mr PROSPER) Your Jamb questions and answers will be displayed to you or we can send the questions On whatsapp or Facebook…. No delay Start paying to join our tutorial Platform.

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100% Refund for any of our Jamb 2023 Subscribers who scored below 180. 100% Assurance And Authentication Of You Getting Your Question And Answers 5hrs before exam. Don’t Panic We Never Fail To Our Promise. Give It A Try And Enjoy Our Service. Once Again Don’t Be Deceived By Other Site Or WhatsApp People Or Groups Promising And Telling Stories They will give you Fake Answers. For Your Own Good Kindly Subscribe To Us For 100% Assurance…

WARNING: What you are reading here is not a scam or what so ever trick you might think, also this article is only for 2023/2023 JAMB CBT Candidates that will love to write once and pass without resitting for it next year.

NOTE: Answers delivered to you, Only belong to You. Each answer is assigned to your JAMB ACCESS PIN and linked to your JAMB Registration Number. You can access it with the PERSONAL ACCESS PIN sent to you by the admin.

The Following Details Are required from Each JAMBITE

  • Your Exam Date and Time
  • Your Sit Number
  • Your Center Number
  • Your Four Subject
  • Your Jamb Registration Number


We proclaimed as the main JAMB UTME Exams Assistance Source ,as we’ve said we have staffs almost every tertiary institutions and Exam bodies through out Nigeria .


FACT: Many say it’s impossible to get JAMB CBT questions, but we assure you that it’s a possible fact provided you can meet its demands. We recommend that you go for the VIP Package to avoid delays. Again, for the fact that you have seen this JAMB HELP SITE, it means you are fortunate this year. Yes! we are true and committed to our words. We don’t toil on one’s future by confiding on their hard-earned money. Just give us a one-time trial and see for yourself! The subscription amount is not too much to afford when compared to what you achieve after the examination.

Save yourself an extra year at home with just a token! All Your Examination Date Questions and Answers Will be Sent to You 5hours Before the scheduled Examination Time-varying on the package you paid for, so there is no reason to worry.


  • if you are a female, or male who’s don’t have boldness
  • you are not that good in memorizing /Cramming,
  • If you have written Jamb many time but you don’t make it.
  • Want to study course that requires higher jamb score.
  • Want to study course that requires higher jamb score.


NO Scamming in this website, we’re The Secret UTME Staffs from various exam bodies and institutions in Nigeria ,we’ve already said ,you are all our students and we are human like you, do you expect us to go this far only to scam you,make you cry, make you sad, or ruin your life, because of money? We all get our good salaries ,we established this Organization to help you and also make side money,there is NO reason for us to make you sad, you will be happy with our service.

If you feel this is a Scamming website, please don’t subscribe here, kindly leave, the choice is yours.

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