Free NLNG Scholarship Past Questions Paper For Undergraduate and Postgraduate

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2022 NLNG Scholarship Question paper PDF for students is available online for free, and you can get yours by downloading the pdf.

Whenever it comes to closing time for an external exam such as the NLNG Scholarship Scholarship exam, you need the right materials such as past questions paper and to know how many hours you will need to finish your NLNG Questions during exam day.

Nkeugists always published questions you are to expect during your exam day, which makes us the best when it comes to offering past questions. The past questions are collected from great scholars and examiners.

For you to be able to pass the NLNG Postgraduate scholarship exam you need to study smartly well and be good with the kind of exam that you are expected to see, the only way you can pass the NLNG Postgraduate scholarship is to get the right material which is their past question paper.

NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship 2022
NLNG Postgraduate Past Questions
NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship 2022/2023
NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship past Questions and Answers Pdf
NLNG Postgraduate Past Questions And Answers Pdf For 2022/2023

The preparation strategy of using NLNG Postgraduate scholarship past question paper to study determine your success, so get some questions you are likely to see during your NLNG Postgraduate scholarships Exam.

NLNG Scholarship Exams Past Questions Samples

1. A new computer will load 17% faster than the old computer. It took the old computer 22 seconds to load one graphic and 9 seconds to load a paragraph of text. If you are loading a document with 2 graphics and 1 paragraph, how long will it take the new computer to load?
a. 25.73seconds
b. 31.00secods
c. 43.99seconds
d. 53.00seconds
e. 62.01seconds

2. A restaurant offers a new promotion of 20% off the original price of cheese pizzas which is $12. Before the promotion, 250 pizzas were sold each day. After the promotion, the sale of pizzas increases an average of 18% more per day. How much more or less does the restaurant make each day in pizza after the promotion?
a. Decrease by $600
b. Decrease by $168
c. Increase by $168
d. Increase by $600
e. Does not change

3. He enjoys the hurly-burly of political debates.
a. Confusion
b. Tranquility
c. Turbulence
d. Joy
e. Happiness

4. She started off being quite matey with everyone.
a. Amiable
b. Unfriendly
c. Harsh
d. Pleasant
e. Joy

5. Which of the following words below is correctly spelt.
a. Kwashiorkor
b. Kwashiorkor
c. Kwarshiorkor
d. Kwasheokor
e. Kwarshokow

6. If x is jointly proportional to the cube of y and the fourth power of z. In what ratio is x increased or decreased when y is halved and z is doubled?
a. 4:1 increase
b. 2:1 increase
c. 1:4 decrease
d. 1: 1 no change
e. 3: 4 decrease

7. If a rod of length 250cm is measured as 255cm longer in error, what is the percentage error in measurement?

8. In the unitary system of government, power is derived from

a. a rigid constitution
b. the judiciary
c. the executive head of state
d. Constitution
e. one source of authority

9. The power allocated to the central government in a federation is primarily contained in the

a. Central legislative list
b. exclusive legislative list
c. residual legislative list
d. concurrent legislative list
e. government legislative list

10. A constitution is said to be rigid if it

a. can only be interpreted by the military
b. is written by difficult authors
c. cannot be amended by the executive
d. has cumbersome provision for its amendment
e. is governed by the judiciary

11. Which of the following political parties in Nigeria formed the opposition in the House of Representatives during the First Republic

a. NCNC and AG
b. NCNC and UMBC
c. NPC and AG
d. AG and UMBC
e. UMBC and NPC

12. Red-tapism in the civil service refers to

a. the use of red tapes in document
b. slowness of action
c. the cooperation between civil servants and politicians
d. the politicization of the civil service
e. the use of power over the civil servant

13 A situation in which all inputs are doubled and output also doubles is known as
a. constant proportions
b. increasing returns to scale
c. constant returns
d. constant returns to scale.
e. constant decreasing

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NLNG Scholarship Question paper 1

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