CDQ and mother reunites again after several years


Since CDQ and his mother had not seen each other in three years, a heartwarming event between the two has been making headlines throughout this rainy season.

CDQ and mother reunites again after several years

Nigerian musician CDQ has won over admirers by reconciling with his mother in Spain after three years of being separated by distance and the COVID-19 limits on his travels.


The rapper had captured their happy reunion and released it via TikTok with the statement, ‘Went to surprise my mom in Spain for her bday after not seeing each other for three years owing to Covid travelling restrictions.’

In the Instagram video he captioned with;

“Happy Birthday Mum ❤️ 🎂

Haven’t seen her for almost 3yrs due to Covid travels restriction 🤦‍♂️ had to make sure I stop-by Spain real quick in-between my journey from France to Germany against my gigs tomorrow 👸❤️

Love u more than words can express Mum 🤗 #happybirthday #iyasodiq”

Since then, the video has attracted well-wishes and thoughtful remarks from viewers who were moved by the mother-son reunion.

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