Borno State University (BOSU) Freshers Orientation Programme

Borno State University (BOSU) Freshers Orientation Programme

The Borno State University (BOSU) is pleased to announce the schedule for the 2022/2023 general orientation programme. This event is designed to welcome and introduce all newly admitted students to the University’s community, providing them with key information and resources to help them transition smoothly into their new academic environment.

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Date and Time of the Event

The general orientation programme is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 14th June 2023. New students are expected to be punctual, with the event commencing at 9:00 am sharp.


The orientation programme will be held within the Borno State University premises. Specific details about the exact location within the University will be communicated in due course.

Importance of the Orientation Programme

Orientation programmes are crucial in helping new students understand the academic and social landscape of the University. The 2022/2023 BOSU general orientation programme aims to:

  • Provide an introduction to the University’s culture, traditions, and values.
  • Give students a comprehensive understanding of the University’s academic regulations and the expectations related to their specific courses of study.
  • Familiarize students with the University’s facilities, resources, and support services.
  • Offer an opportunity for new students to meet with staff, faculty, and fellow students, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Call to Action

All newly admitted students of Borno State University are strongly encouraged to attend this orientation programme. It’s a perfect chance to get to know your University better and kick-start your academic journey on a high note.

We also urge all staff to support this event and assist in making the newly admitted students feel welcome in the BOSU community.

Remember, the Borno State University orientation programme is your first step into the exciting journey that lies ahead. Make sure to mark the date – Wednesday, 14th June 2023 at 9:00am. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community!

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