After Corvette Driver Takes up Four Parking Spots, One Man Gets Delicious Revenge

Once more, another petty revenge unites a community. Are you ready for the tea? One member, let’s call him Arden, was searching for a parking spot at their university, but it was a notoriously crowded day.

The Parking Fiasco

While looking, they came across a Corvette, packed across four prime spots at the foremost part of the lot. Finally, after ten minutes of waiting for a spot to open up, they found one towards the back.

They were infuriated about how thoughtless someone could be, so they left a note on their windshield saying, “Sorry I hit your car. You probably won’t even notice the damage.” When class was over, they found a quintessential college-aged Corvette owner hysterically examining their car as they yelled on their phone. Here is how the internet responded.

Notes Are a Common Practice

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It’s more understandable when a luxury car takes up multiple parking spots. We get the point; you’re too rich for rules. A thread contributor says their aunt also takes up two parking spots as she ignores the lines. Someone left a note on her car stating, “This is not a Ferrari.” The note confused her, and they tried hard not to choke as she narrated the story.

This Is Beautiful

Someone shares that before reading the story, they thought Arden hit the car and left a note faking insurance details. They thought that would be an obnoxious move, but they understood. After reading the entire story, they think it’s a beautiful move.

Call the Campus Authorities

Did you know that universities make a lot of money from tickets? Several forum members agree that most universities have strict parking regulations. One person advises that next time Arden has a similar encounter, they should call the people in charge of parking.

Psychological Warfare Is the Best

Petty revenge is even sweeter when you can watch it play out. For example, an individual writes that they left a similar note on three cars parked on a bike path, blocking it completely.

As luck would have it, they came back to their cars at the same time. They had the time of their life watching them run circles around their cars for about fifteen minutes. Nothing beats watching them look at every dent and asking themselves, “Was this here before?” 

You’re Nicer Than Most

Here is a stunning admission. Somebody replies that their coworker could not find a parking spot because a driver had parked a Porche the same way. So they got angry and keyed the heck out of that car.

It Could End in a Family Fight

Your attempt at petty revenge may land you in serious trouble. A respondent narrates how their best friend did this at a Walmart parking lot, and the family saw her. The family followed her, and they had a fistfight. Their daughter, who was about twelve years got hit, and their best friend had to run to avoid any charges. Also, the family kicked her door in, so they both suffered a loss.

Next Time…

EW! Another commenter states that they always hock a massive loogie on the windshield when faced with such a case. It dries by the time they’re back, and wipers or fluid cannot get rid of it. So they have to clean it manually and endure looking at it as they drive home.

This Is Comedy Material

Thanks to the internet, you can relive your moment of victory forever. According to a reply, there’s a comedian podcaster who does this. When listeners leave messages on people’s cars, they add their number to the note.

Some listeners leave nice notes, and others leave subtle ones like, “Sorry I hit your car. Maybe I wouldn’t have hit it if you didn’t park like a jerk.”

It’s funny when people call in, expressing they can’t see any dent while others have a list of damages. The comedian makes up weird places they should check, like the top of the roof. He also tells some that he broke into their car and accidentally ripped the leather while sleeping. Listening to drivers try to make sense of the situation is hilarious.

Notes Bring Change

Finally, an internet user adds that their bank has a drive-through ATM, which they use often. A restaurant opened in the mini-mall, and people would park in the ATM lane. Every time they left a note stating, “Sorry for what I did to your car, but you shouldn’t have parked in the ATM lane.”

Eventually, the restaurant got a security guard and restricted parking at the ATM lane. What do you think about this common petty revenge?

This thread inspired this post.

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