2Baba laments over Nigeria’s killing situation


A Nigerian singer, better known as 2face Idibia, has expressed concern about the increasing rate of homicide in the country.

2Baba laments over Nigeria's killing situation
2Baba laments over Nigeria’s killing situation

The iconic musician vented his frustrations about the violence on his Instagram account.

The singer is saddened by the lack of effective action taken against these killers.

He wrote, “So sick and tired of this killing without any meaningful action to tame these killers. What the fuck”.

Posting on his blog comes just a few days after his live speech on Nigerian politics was widely criticized on social media.

Live Instagram video of the legendary musician imploring Nigerians to participate in the next 2023 general elections rather than simply talking about it was captured by the social media platform.


According to the artist, the country could not move forward until everyone took part in the election and performed their civic responsibilities.

“Nothing will ever happen again until everyone participates,” he remarked.
There is no obligation to speak if you do not join in the discussion. If you don’t participate, you don’t have a right to speak.

Nigerians, on the other hand, weren’t buying his rhetoric and retaliated violently against him.

2face’s political stance sparked a backlash. He was told to take care of his supposedly deteriorating house by a trusted friend..

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