Iran Commences Trial Of Local COVID-19 Vaccine

By Onwuka Gerald
Iran on Tuesday commenced the trial of its locally manufactured Coviran Barekat COVID-19 vaccine.
Iranian government said that 56 persons will also receive the vaccine in the first phase of testing, and results will follow in less than a month.
The President, Hassan Rouhani said the country would import foreign vaccines as well as make use of locally produced ones.
Because of sanctions from the United States, Iran doesn’t have access to the global banking system, leading to issues with payments and consequently with ordering COVID-19 vaccines.
The country’s central bank has however allocated about 245 million dollars for the import of COVID-19 vaccines.
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has decreased in Iran in recent weeks due to an enforced lockdown.
The number of new daily infections remains at almost 6,000 and fatalities at more than 120.
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