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Interesting Scholarship Opportunities in Canada for Nigerian Students

There are many Nigerians in Canada. Local students go abroad to study, get higher education and find a good paying job. Studies here are pretty expensive compared to prices in Nigeria, but it is always possible to select and win one of the different Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students.
Do you have plans to study in Canada in 2018 or later? We believe you will find this post useful and interesting because we would like to talk about scholarships for international students.
One post cannot cover all available opportunities, so you are also advised to search for a perfect scholarship in Canada for you. You will be impressed at the number of possibilities available to foreigners in 2018.
Scholarships for international students from Nigeria
All Nigerians who wish to apply for a scholarship in Canada should be attentive while studying the requirements, criteria to evaluate it, and the deadline for application. Right, every scholarship has its own timeline you should follow.
1. Ontario Trillium Scholarship
This program is worth checking out. It can award you with up to $40,000 per year to complete your studies in Canada, even if you are a student from Nigeria. The program offers three years of studies for its winners, so it is a wonderful opportunity to finance your studies abroad.
The competition is tight because only 6 winners are chosen per year.
Get all the details here.
2. Banting Fellows
This is an interesting postdoct0ral scholarship that can offer up to $70,000 per year to winners for up to 2 years. The program is available to Canadian citizens and international students who meet the requirements and prove that they deserve this incredible award.
The awards are rewarded by the government and available to postgraduate students who are interested in science (social or natural) and health research field.
You are welcome to read more about the program here.
3. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
This is a great program offered by the government of Canada to both local and foreign students who are seeking to go through the PhD program in a number of higher educational institutions such as Universities of Alberta or Toronto. The results are usually available in early April, but you can apply for the next year if you have the plans to study outside Nigeria.
Each candidate has to show his or her leadership skills, research potential, excellent achievements in studies, high interest in science, engineering or health fields. Each year over 100 students receive this scholarship, and the winners can get as much as $50,000 per each year or doct0ral studies.
You can find more information on their website.
4. Trudeau Foundation Scholarship
Nigerians who are looking for doct0ral program scholarships should learn more about Trudeau Foundation awards. This program can offer from $20,000 to $40,000 per year. Your studies can last for 3 years.
The program is available for students who are interested in social science and humanities. You will have to apply and compete with many other candidates. There are only 15 awards per year, so it is tight competition for everyone.
All the information is available here.
5. Ontario Graduate Scholarship
This is a wonderful program for international and local students, so it is available to interested people from all over the world. It is possible to receive up to $15,000 per year and study for a Master’s or Doct0ral degree.
All applicants should aim for at least 2 or better 3 terms of studies in Ontario. You can apply for this scholarship in the fall.
You can get more useful details via this link.
6. International Master’s and Doct0ral Student Awards
The University of Waterloo offers its own award to foreign students. You can receive financial support for 2-4 years depending on the program selected. You will have to study full-time if you win the award and receive your scholarship.
The minimum sum you can receive is about $2,000 per academic term if you are applying for Master’s program or $4,000 per term if you wish to get PhD. The full scholarship is up to $20,000 per winner, so it is worth applying for.
You can receive more information here.
7. Transformative Talented Internships
The University of Calgary offers talented internships for foreign students from different countries. Their scholarships for international students have particular requirements. No winners are chosen automatically, it is necessary to apply and make sure you are eligible.
You can win up to $40,000 award and pay off your studies. This is a great possibility for all prosperous students from all over the world.
You need to find out more details about available programs here.
8. Graduate Global Leadership Fellowship
While the 2018’s deadline has already passed, you can still apply for this program in a year. It offers approximately $18,000 annual award for up to 4 years of studies.
International students can apply for a doct0ral program at the University of British Columbia. Be prepared for extremely tough competition, since only 2 people can be awarded financial support through this leadership scholarship.
You can read more here.
9. Entrance Awards for international students
It is possible to pay for Master’s Program at Carleton University through the scholarship. Students from all over the world as well as from Nigeria can apply for this financial support once they make sure all requirements are met.
It can provide from $1,000 to $4,000 per year to winners and support them for up to 4 years of studies since the scholarship can be renewed by the winner.
Here is more information about this program here.
10. Student Awards from Queen’s University
New international students who apply for the first year of studies at Queen’s University can take part in the student awards offered by this higher education institution in Canada. The award is created specifically for international students, so Nigerians should give it a try.
The scholarship automatically chooses the winners from the eligible applicants, and it can offer as much as $6,000 for those you are talented and lucky. You can receive more information about the award here.
You can see that scholarship in Canada is a standard practice. The government and universities like to support international students who are talented and possess outstanding skills in their fields of study. Most programs are usually available for entries in the fall with the results being announced in the spring.
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