Relationship is failing, BF doesn’t understand the problem

I hope i can find someone who eill help me with this . I’ve been dating this guy witch is one year older than me (I’m 17 he’s 18) and it’s been going on for something like three months.At first everything was perfect he was fun , caring , we had so much to do to talk about but things got boring very fast.And now he is almost annoying me with everything.He is almoust all the time romantic even bitter sweet some times , he is some times very childish , some times doesn’t even get what I’m saying or can’t focus,he doesn’t stand out like a man , when we argue he doesn’t even stand his position, and he can’t even provoke some sexual urge in me , and the worst we can’t even act like friends and do dumb stuff together.I tryed talking to him about this but the change is just for a bit (and he is no jerk) and then it goes back to normal, even my bother tryed and their good friends.Otherwise he is a very unique person , very giving , carring , nice and sweet.But i just can’t go on like this .If there is anyone who can help please .

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