Instagram likes and respect (betrayal of trust?)

So i have been married for 5 years. I always trusted my husband and never thought he could betray me or disrespect me in amy way shape or form. He’s my entire universe. We have 2 kids together.

Last week I stumbled upon 10 plus pictures of a woman his phone while sorting through pics. I checked dates and he started this in September so obviously i don’t check his phone or else i would have noticed. I saw the images were from instagram. So i looked at his instagram account. I found he had commented flatterimg things to her. I found he had liked over 50 photos of her since September which is when he started following her. I asked who she was and he said it was a former coworker. He made no private contact with her through messages or texts throughout this time. Some of the photos were sexual, for example one of her sitting on the bathroom sink with her tongue showing in a sexual way and legs wide open. One was her crotch area in pink panties. He commented and liked both of these too. He didnt give any other women attention at all or anyone else om instahram in all this time just her. I think all of our mutual friends saw this and i am embaressed. I asked why he had her pics saved and he said he just like the pictures and it meant nothing. Should i be worried or even upset. Could he be lying to me or himself? It still hurts me but i don’t know how to feel about all of this. I’m afraid to overreact and make something out of nothing. Is this consideted disrespectful?

He lied to me about this situation and mimimized it. Took me 3 days to get the full story and truth from him about everything.

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