Constant need for male approval?

Hi there,

Just wondering what’s wrong with me in all honesty, whether this is some kind of disorder or if I’m just weird!

I’m 24 but I look about 17 (blonde, make up, go to the gym ect – I realise how shallow this all sounds but I’m just trying to get the best advice I can!)

Although I don’t like being the centre of attention I find myself looking for clarification in men! Men I’m not even interested in but the slightest hint that I think they fancy me and I turn into the ‘innocent, flirty, doe eyed’ weirdo. Even my tutors at university! And annoyingly it works! I’m in no means a slut, I’ve never acted beyond getting this acknowledgement and only ever had 2 serious long term relationships ( I’d never cheat in my life but I still look for this male attention no matter where I am!)

I consider a day where a guy hasn’t ‘checked Me out’ whether at work, university or just a normal day to be a failure.

What’s wrong with me?? I don’t have ‘daddy issues’, I don’t dress provocatively and I don’t go out every weekend looking for guys!

I just can’t stop my mind, someone suggested to me before that I might get a kick out of ‘controlling’ men but it’s not like that at all! Quite the opposite!

Just looking for any sort of insight to be honest.

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