I am torn

I been seeing this guy for 6 months… We got along pretty good.. We knkwn each other 9 yrs.. Dated briefly and just moved on… Found each other again and decided to give it a try.. But about 2 months or so ago I felt weird like he’s becoming distant… I don’t kn ow if I made a mistake but I decided to have the “what are we” talk… He said we were exclusive but for some reason I have a hard time believing him…
Also he’s a single full time father of a 6 and 3 yo die to their mom passing away… He was not married… So I do understand it’s hectic to all of the suddden become a full time dad… But I think there should be a time that he can take for me… I feel he doesn’t want to spend time with me…i think if he wanted to he would make a way to… I am frustrated and I tell him..and I know it frustrates him…so I asked him if he thought we should just move on…that way we save each other the aggravation… He first asked me if that’s what I wanted… Not sure why he answered my question with a question.. So I said to him why are you answering with a question… And then he said… I don’t want to move on…why doesn’t he want to move.. I don’t want to either but I feel is not going anywhere… Do I move on on my own altho he said he doesn’t want to move on… Or do I keep trying.. Frankly I do love him we said I love you already… He actually said it first… But I don’t think he does… Urghh Help

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