Awkward conversations

So my boyfriend’s birthday is January 21 and in December he said his mother was thinking of going to a restaurant at 6 with her boyfriend and his boss and his wife to celebrate. Since I live 2 hours away from him he said it wouldn’t be a problem to move it earlier in the evening.

Today he said we could do our own thing in the day because his mother was planning to go to the restaurant and it would be at 6 and i leave around that time. This is awkward and i didnt reallt have a reply to it and i just left it. He didn’t say it in a rude way I think he forgot he told me it in December but it’s weird because he was saying how important it was for me to be there etc.

And now I’m acting a little reserved and I domt want him to blame himself thinking he did something to upset me but it’s just hard because I dont know how to react or talk to him about this.

Any thoughts?

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