What should my suggestion be to my wife regarding her new experiences?

At first, I’d like to apologise for a little bit of a long post. I am a 30 year old male and my wife is 25 year old. We have been married for almost 7 years. She is Muslim and was quite conservative from the beginning. On the other hand, I always had different types​ of sexual fantasies that I have shared with her. Over the past few years, she has tried to become a little bit more adventurous in terms of talking dirty or some other things. While having sex, we talk about her friends who I’d like to have sex with & my friends who she would like to have sex with. She enjoys sharing those fantasies these days. So, safe to say that over the past few years, we both have adapted to each other quite a bit. We both are from a conservative country and being a Muslim didn’t actually help our cause.

Recently, like a year or so ago, we have moved to Europe. Since being here, she has become just a little bit more adventurous person I would say. She has always wanted to wear different things that she could not wear back in our country. Since being here, I’m proud of her that she has already pulled off mini skirts albeit with stockings. She’s also going to parties with friends and I always encourage her to go to those events.

Recently, she had been to a party with one of her friends and she was looking really gorgeous in her black mini skirt with a short top. In that party, she had some experiences that she has shared with me and also showed me some pictures from the party. Over there she met some guys from her study programme & she showed me the pictures she took over there with some of guys. The pictures with those guys were pretty normal by any usual standard, but for her the experience was a new one. Like in some of them, she was hugging some other guys that she met over there and in another one, a guy photobombed her picture by grabbing her from behind. She didn’t mind those things at all I suppose. After the party she has shared some of the other experiences that she encountered over there too. The suggestions or advices that I’m looking for are regarding those experiences.

When someone she newly met touched or kissed her cheek, although she told me that she enjoyed those, yet became a little bit uncomfortable. The particular situation that she mentioned to me were that while dancing with a guy, she felt his hands near her ass and boobs. She said that she didn’t follow through with those and immediately stopped dancing with that guy. She has shared those in details with me and as always I get a little bit of sexual arousal from these experiences. Although she hasn’t asked me what to do, I think for her the biggest surprise was that like the stories we used to share, she actually enjoyed quite a bit of the party experiences. As always, I’m really cool with that and I would like her to explore her sexuality even more. But, I think, she’s been in a little bit of a pickle as she would like to continue, yet she is a little bit shy still.

Next week she has some sort of a new year party that She really wants to go and she seemed pretty excited about the dress she’s gonna wear over there. To be honest, it’s pretty revealing by her standards. The thing is that she’s still thinking back and forth about what to do over there because of their earlier experience. It’s not like that she disliked her experience over there, rather like stepping into an Uncharted territory. So, what should be my advice to her?

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