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Lagos remains the coronavirus hub of Nigeria by huge number (Infographic)

Lagos remains the coronavirus hub of Nigeria by huge number (Infographic)

<!– Akin Abayomi Lagos state commissioner for health: Lagos leads coronavirus chart –>

Akin Abayomi commissioner for health: Lagos still coronavirus hub

Lagos State continues to rack up huge numbers to hold tight to its grim reputation as the coronavirus epicentre of Nigeria.
By Abankula
On Thursday night, fresh tallies of confirmed cases released by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control(NCDC) gave Lagos another huge number.
Out of the 339 cases confirmed by the NCDC, Lagos took the lion share of 139.
This was more than the combined total for Kano, Oyo, Edo, Katsina, Kaduna and Jigawa.
The total for the six states is 134, with Lagos recording 139.
Only once has Kano returned a higher caseload than Lagos since testing began in March.
As of today, the state of an estimated 20 million people has 3,093 cases.
Again the number is bigger than the combined total of 2,999 for the next nine states and the Abuja FCT.
These are Kano 875 cases, FCT 446 cases, Katsina 303, Borno 235 cases.
Others are Bauchi 228, Jigawa 225, Oyo 190, Ogun 183, Kaduna 170 and Edo 144.
Lagos also has a caseload that is 3.2 times the cases in the remaining 24 states.
Thus it has become clear that President Buhari must have foreseen the present virus state in Lagos, when he approved a special grant of N10billion to the Lagos government.
Lagos has received a lot of support from the private sector, members of which have donated isolation centres, some equipped.
And many have donated PPEs, ventilators, masks and other materials needed to confront the coronavirus pandemic in the state.
So far, the state has discharged 662 COVID-19 patients, according to its commissioner for health Akin Abayomi.
See below Lagos v the rest of Nigeria:

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