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‘Welcome to Our Club’ – IBB Hails Buhari at 76

Former Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida, has sent a congratulatory message to President Muhammadu Buhari on his 76th birthday.
In a letter personally signed by the former leader, IBB congratulated President Buhari for attaining the new age and for his excellent qualities as the leader of the nation at this time.
“As we get over our mid-seventies, we can say with all sense of modesty that we should celebrate every birthday anniversary with prayers in order for us to thank Allah for all the blessings and the bounties he showered upon us,” he wrote.
“It is only fair that we pause and reflect in our own different ways on all the life’s challenges we face day by day and the positive strides we have been blessed to attain.”
“A typical day in the life of a Nigerian President requires faith, poise, patience, tenacity, experience, strategic thinking and quality character for one to get through it,” he added.
The Former Military President noted that the President has “achieved great success in the fight against corruption, terrorism and other forms of insecurity, in addition to getting our country out of economic recession.”
“It is heartwarming that at 76, in spite of the numerous onerous challenges of leadership, you have managed to remain focused and have shown tremendous energy and vibrancy in running the affairs of state with your acknowledged patriotism and commitment to serve our nation diligently with honesty and sincerity of purpose.”
“I wish to congratulate you for all the achievements you have recorded in your lifetime and particularly for your humility, deep sense of honesty and faith you have shown in the various aspects of governance, politics and democracy as our President.”
“I join the first lady, Aisha and all your children and grandchildren in wishing you many happy returns of your birthday.
“Aisha’s loyalty and support, as the home front commander, is invigorating since by our age we require much comfort, care and affection at home. Welcome to our club of the over 75,” he said.
President Buhari will celebrate his 76th birthday on Monday, December 17.
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