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How to Browse, Streaming and Downloading With The New MTN mPulse Special Data Bundle – Working Method for Everybody!

MTN NG recently launched a new prepaid tariff plan called MTN MPulse for children between the ages of 9 to 15. This is to help children from Primary 1 to SS3 to excel both in academics and digital field.With the MTN mPulse package, you get cheaper data plans than you get on other MTN normal data plans. The mPulse gives you 1.2GB for N150 and 350MB for N50.Everybody can subscribe to the mPulse plan, but unfortunately, the plan works with the very limited MTN sim card as it was customized only to children between the ages of 9 to 15.The plan is very affordable and I believe everybody will like to benefit from the plan, thank God, we have discovered the means for everybody to benefit from mPulse special data bundle, the method is very simple, but not everybody can discover it easily and It’s working flawlessly on PC, Android, and iOS devices.Big kudos to one of our devoted fans Engr Akono Otonbara. He is the one made me aware that the plan works well on all google website, like:Google Play StoreGoogle SearchGoogle MapsYouTubeGmailGmail+Drive etc.This simply means you can use mPulse special data bundle to download anything from google play store, watching YouTube videos, sending and receiving email via Gmail, even accessing/downloading/uploading files to Google Drive.No special setting required, simply migrate to MTN mPulse Plan by dial *344*1# from a new or existing MTN SIM. Subscribe to any of the mPulse Special Data bundle by doing any of the following:For Weekly bundle of 350MB, send 350 to 344For Monthly bundle of 1.2GB, send 351 to 344Once the plan activated, connect to the internet and you are good to go with all Google websites, be it on your PC, Android or iOS device.If you have a large file to download, just save the file on Google drive and download it with the mPulse special data bundle.How can I save file on Google Drive?The new Save to Drive Chrome extension gives you a few new ways to capture content from anywhere on the web and store it neatly in Drive. After you install the extension on your Google Chrome Browser, you can click on the Drive extension icon to save:filesan image of an entire page or an image of the visible pagethe HTML source code a Web archive (.mht) Or you can right-click on images or links to files and save them directly to Drive.After you save using the extension, you’ll see options to immediately open the file in Drive, rename it, or view it in your Drive list, from there you will be able to download the file with your mPulse plan.That is all for now.I believe you enjoyed reading this post. Drop your comment if the method works for you.Don’t forget to share this information with friends and everyone around you using the share buttons.

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