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How to start your football career in Nigeria: Requirements and Fees

Football Academy in UK is a perfect example of where your kids can get education abroad. This game is the most popular entertainment not only in Nigeria but in the whole world. That’s the very reason why you should take a look at the offerings provided for Nigerian students! Continue reading to find out more!
Top 3 best football academies for international students
3. Pepsi Football Academy
Pepsi Football Academy provides an excellent opportunity with the annual Pepsi Academy UK Scholarship. It’s a life-changing initiative that may contain your child funds to study in one of the most prestigious football schools in the United Kingdom.

In 2015 and 2016, the scholarship funded the full two years stay at Brooke House College. The Pepsi United Kingdom Scholarship has been a source of motivation for many young minds. It’s their opportunity to get football education in Europe. By the way, Mikel Obi also participated in Pepsi Football Academy and now look at his net worth!
If you want to be part of the scholarship, then you need to show that you are worth it. To start it with, it is compulsory to be registered at one of the following Pepsi training centers:

Lagos Training Centre
Kano Training Centre
Jos Training Centre
Kaduna Training Centre
Abuja Training Centre
Benin Training Centre
Owerri Training Centre
Enugu Training Centre
Aba Training Centre
Ilorin Training Centre
Ibadan Training Centre
Sagamu Training Centre
Orile-Imo Training Centre

The training centres are provided almost in every major city of Nigeria. You will need to contact one of them and ask for the requirements. The general requirements for these school are good physical health and good nature.

At the same time, you will need to be prepared that to pay for the training in that centres. The payment is strictly individual and based on the family income background. Nevertheless, your kid will need to be in one of the centres to become a footballer.
2. Manchester International Football Academy

This institution comes with quite pricey football academy fee. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best places for your child to be raised. What can your child get by entering the academy?

He will play football at least 5 days a week
Your child will improve his technical abilities
Your kid will learn advanced gameplay and tactics
Your child will increase his fitness level

The duration of the programs for this particular school may vary from 36 weeks up to two years. What are this football academy requirements?
The entry criteria for all players is the age from 16 to 24 years old. At the same time, your kid should show excellent football skills. If you need to get your child to this football paradise, then you need to contact Jedipel Recruitment Agency.
This agency takes the responsibility of dealing with West African football players. They usually seek for the best players to enter the Manchester International Football Academy.

The agency sets up the Doom Soccer Trials across Africa. It’s is provided on the quarterly basis, where the players may show their skills to the judges. This agency will pick several players to be educated in the academy. You can check the details of how to apply for the school from the agency right from the official website www.jedipel.org.
If you need to get more details about getting to the academy, then you need to visit the official website of the academy which is www.mancheterinternationalfootballacademy.com.
1. FCV International Football Academy

It’s the best educational facility for future footballers. At the same time, it’s quite pricey. The full price for the one-year program would be 700 pounds per week. This academy provides the following services:

Full-time football coaching
Three meals per day
Competitive matches
GYM membership
English language courses
Special goalkeeper session
Free use of wi-fi
Full-time resident support
Physiotherapy support
Meeting with former professional players

The academy concentrates primarily on football. The coaching team includes specialists and coaches from all over Europe. The football training sessions include nutritional advice. Conditioning training, strength training, goalkeeper session and other activities.
The academy is located in Stamford UK. The academy also provides overseas opportunities for the highly talented players. It also includes visiting football camps in Australian cities, like Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. There are also other football camps in the world which cooperate with the academy. It includes Bahrain, India, USA, and Zimbabwe.
If you need to get your children to this academy, then you will need to visit the official website – www.internationalfootball.academy.

f you need to get your child to one of the most prestigious football academies in UK, then you need to hurry up. All three of the above-mentioned academies are preparing for the autumn season. It means that the trials might be finished at the end of August. Don’t you want your son to be like Mikel Obi, just look at his salary in China!
Also, do not forget that you need to prepare your child for the trials. It includes not only physical exercises but also paperwork. Your child will need a student’s visa, all health papers should also be in order.
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