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2 Simple Ways to Make Your Phone Number Private on any Network

There are plenty of reasons for making you stay private while calling someone. Whatever a trigger is, this article will teach you how to hide number on your phone. No one will recognize you as the caller using the guide below. It is possible for all networks in Nigeria. Keep reading.
How to hide number on Glo
Is there a need for you to become incognito? If yes, all you have to do is to add the combination of #31# before a dialed phone number. This option is named . A person you are calling to gets the incoming call, but the number is not shown on the screen.
How to hide number on Airtel
Again, put #31# before any number if you wish not to reveal your personality until the receiver picks up. In reality, it will look like that #31#08022222222. The combination is 100% true, and no one will see your number once you have placed the combination mentioned above.
How to hide number on MTN
People using MTN should insert the code to hide number, #31# is enough to make a private call. There is another variant for incognito calls though it is not available for everyone. It depends on the type of phone and network you are using.
Try it out if you like. So, go to . Done? Then, click on . There you will see . Tick it, and here you have your phone number hidden. If this variant is more comfortable to use, you are welcome to.

How to hide number on Etisalat (9mobile)
It is guaranteed that Etisalat (9mobile) users will not reveal their identity using #31#. Pay attention to the fact that it concerns local calls only. International ones are not likely to be hidden due to security issues abroad. Try out the second variant calling within the country as well.
Mind the useful tip. Don’t forget to tick off when you need not hide your number anymore. It often leads to confusing situations when a caller forgets to turn off the function. Your friends and colleagues might not answer seeing a secret number on their screens. Be careful while using the second option to become the incognito caller.
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