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Top-rated ICAN Stages and Courses

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria is rightfully considered one of the most authoritative educational institutions for obtaining professional skills and a special professional diploma of accountants. Almost every graduate who managed to finish ICAN stages and courses has a good chance of getting an excellent job in the best companies in Nigeria.
In fact, among companies that need professional accountants in Nigeria, there is an implicit rule that an accountant cannot be considered a professional and get a job until he gets a diploma of a professional accountant from ICAN.
But at first, the candidate for admission to the ICAN will need to go through certain stages and pass a series of exams. Only then the candidate will be able to obtain the long-awaited diploma of a professional accountant.
As it was said above, the procedure of admission to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria will be necessary for you to pass ICAN professional examination courses.
Stages for Accountant graduates

Accountant graduates should go through the two stages of exams, and pass the ICAN skill level courses namely:

Professional level

Skills Level

A1.Financial Reporting
A2.Performance Management
A3.Public Sector Accounting and Finance
A4.Management, Governance, and Ethics

Professional Level

B1.Corporate Reporting
B2.Advanced Audit and Assurance
B3.Strategic Financial Management
B4.Advanced Taxation
B5.Case Study

Stages for Non-Accounting Graduates
They pass the exams in three stages. The so-called: Knowledge, Skills and Professional.

E1.Quantitative Techniques in Business
E2.Business and Finance
E3.Financial Accounting
E4.Management Information
E5.Business Law

Skills Level

F1.Financial Reporting
F2.Audit and Assurance
F4.Performance Management
F5.Public Sector Accounting and Finance
F6.Management, Governance, and Ethics

Professional Level

G1.Corporate Reporting
G2.Advanced Audit and Assurance
G3.Strategic Financial Management
G4.Advanced Taxation
G5.Case Study

Approximately ICAN professional courses for non-accounting graduates can be completed in 18 months.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) according to the decree of the Parliament, was established in 1965. The primary goal of the creation was the constant development of higher professional standards for accountants and candidates who are trained to work in this specialty.
The principle of ICAN’s work is also based on a special register of all specialists who have been trained and become real professionals. This was done to ensure that graduates themselves and companies that hire employees could find out whether a particular candidate has the right to work in the accounting profession.
Over the years of its successful work, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria has produced more than 38,000 professional and certified accountants. After graduation from the ICAN courses in Nigeria, graduates have various employment opportunities. It can be, as a private or commercial sector, state bodies and the state companies.
Naturally, such opportunities for the choice of employment indicate the highest level of professionalism of graduates and the highest ranking among all professional courses in accounting in Nigeria. ICAN training courses are top-rated and highly ranked in Nigeria, that’s why lots of applicants take their chances on admission each year.
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