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    Hippolita — the wife of Manfred and the mother of Conrad and Matilda. After having lost her son, she is left with just Matilda to combat the tyrannical turn of mind that her husband displays. Manfred intends to divorce her due to her sterility and on the grounds that their marriage is in fact false because they are actually related. Faced with the threat of divorce, Hippolita is mournful yet submissive to the wills of her husband. She acts as a sort of enabler to her husband, putting aside her morals and happiness so that her husband can get what he wants.
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    superstition and it's belief run through the novel Faceless before going deep let's give a myopic view of what the word "Superstition" means, Superstition can be said to be a belief, not based on human reason or scientific knowledge, with this definition it can be concluded that the role of superstition in the novel cannot be over emphasized.

    Superstition plays many roles in the novel and there are many issues concerned with superstition in the novel. The idea of superstition came into the novel by Naa Yomo when she was telling Kabria about Maa Tsurus curse. She believes superstition has destructive effect and wants everyone to stay away from it. _"when the seed of a curse finds fertile ground in a human mind, it spreads with the destructive speed of a creeping plant " . To her, it is the believe in superstition that has destroyed Maa Tsuru's life.

    In the same light, it can also be said that the issue of a curse on Maa Tsuru itself is a superstitions belief. Tsuru's father rejected the pregnancy from which she was born. During the child birth, Maa Tsuru's mother who never forgave her young lover cursed him as she was giving birth to her. Unfortunately she cursed her lover to include his descendants which also includes Maa Tsuru and that is why she has suffered in her life.

    There is yet another exhibition of believe in superstition in the novel. It is about Kwei's mother, her rejection of Kwei having anything at all to do with Maa Tsuru, let alone impregnating due to the curse on her is a superstitious belief. She warns Kwei: _"this whole family will have nothing to do with this pregnancy. Nothing! .........see? I have washed my hands off you too"_ the woman immediately stopped feeding him as he was treated by the family in general like a leper. The net effect of it all is that Kwei's life become restless and miserable due mainly to superstition.

    Again, the belief in superstition is so widespread that Melon-bottom also used Maa Tsuru's curse on her, saying it is the cursed on her that cause Kwei to associated with bad people when he traveled in search of work and money.
    Even superstion is attached to Maa Tsuru's fertility as a woman. He had to be beaten mercilessly in order to remove the pregnancy but when he realized the child will not come out prematurely, he attributed this to the curse and travelled out.

    Further more, there is also the superstition of number five child in Kwei's family, when Maa Tsuru became pregnant with the forth child, Kwei'd mother asked him to go away from her completely because it is a curse in their family to have the number five child. It is a taboo. Already Maa Tsuru is in a curse and now there is the possibility of another curse. This superstitious belief cause Kwei to move away from maa Tsuru for good.

    In conclusion, it is very obvious that in fact superstition and it's believes is the basis of the novel and can be said to be a theme on it's own.
    Superstition believe builds and makes the characters which contributes greatly to the development of the plot.
    However superstition and it's believe also have negative effect on some characters in the play, while some people hold on to the superstitious belief and still prosper
    But it depends on individual and his or her mentality, if you let superstitious belief to poison your mind the