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Meet the Multi-talented Teenage Barber who Also Plays Football, Sings and Dances (Photos)

It is usually said that in the world of talent, age does not count and normally does not matter at all.
Talent is an inborn attribute which allows one to take to a particular action with ease and with perfection.
Most often it takes time before one realizes his or her true talents, but once realized it can be the stepping stone to greatness.
Fortunately for some, they are blessed with many talents, whiles others can also boast of just one or two. However, whichever category one may fall , it still makes a person unique as everyone has different talents and different ways of exhibiting them.
Young Charlotte is a Junior Secondary School student, but her numerous talents are bound to send waves down the spines of most people who hear her story.
The teenager is so talented that she has been able to excel in many fields, which sounds unreal for a girl of her age.

Charlotte plays for her district’s under-15 football team, as well as their netball team. She is also a member of the district’s under-15 table tennis team.
If such wonderful wealth of talents at her disposal are not enough, she is also the master drummer of the culture troupe in her school.
In addition to these, Charlotte is also a very good singer and an amazing dancer as well.
Her story was first brought to light by one Facebook user by the name Paa Kwasi. And on top of all those talents, young Charlotte is also very good in barbering.
When Paa Kwasi shared Charlotte’s story, he accompanied it with a picture of the teenage barbering the hair of a colleague.

The post read: “This is Charlotte, a multi-talented JHS 2 pupil in my school. She’s a district under-15 soccer, netball and tennis player. She’s also the master drummer for the school’s culture troupe and a very good singer and dancer. She’s a very strong girl. Any words for her?”
Indeed, such an amazing girl. One word to describe such a multi-talented kid?
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