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How to retrieve the forgotten WiFi password

How to retrieve the forgotten WiFi password
As Smartphone gets popularized, many people use WiFi to browse the internet, send and receive emails, and chat with friends online. However when we save the password (WPA2) on our handset, we may not recall it later.
For example, when friends and relatives come visit us, most of them ask for the WiFi password. I barely remember it although I myself set the code; I just have too many passwords to remember. If you have the same problem, well here are a few tips. Please note the second method only works on Android devices.
Find the password on your wireless router.
When you set up your wireless router, you have to enter the WiFi password. So you can always find the code there. First you need to login to your router, point your browser to or and enter your username and password. You can find them in your user manual if you never change them. If you could not find your user manual, try some common combinations like admin:admin. Or you can always Google your model + default password.
Once login successfully, you should be able to see the password. However some routers display asterisks instead of the plain text. If that’s the case then you need to download some software which can read those asterisks for you.
Hint, you can always use a new password if you could not find any software to read those encrypted passwords.
Find the password on your device
The second method is much easier if you ever save them. Make sure you have root access on your handset. Then use some file browser (such as Root Explorer) that can read system files and navigate to /data/misc/wifi/, and then open file wpa_supplicant.conf, and you can see all the plain text passwords you saved for every WiFi network.
This works great on my LG LTE2, but it should apply to other Android handsets perfectly. Please leave a comment

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