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Luxury Life of Legendary Boxer Floyd Mayweather (Photos)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a professional sportsman who has not lost a single fight in his boxing career. Checkout Mayweather’s cars and private aircraft, as well as the champion’s other luxurious items.
Undefeated Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer of his weight category and the highest paid in the world. He even left school to spend all his time on training.
He first entered the ring in 1996. Since then, sportsman won again and again. He always prepared for any fight with all seriousness, regardless of the strength of the future opponent. “Money” has had 50 professional fights in which he won all 50.

The boxer does not hide that he loves money and spends it on various expensive things and pleasures such as Mayweather cars and plane. Therefore, the fans call Floyd “Money”. He believes that for his professional boxing career he earned more than $1 billion .he belt weighing half a kilogram of gold, which included three thousand diamonds, 600 sapphires, 300 emeralds.

The boxer does not hide that he loves money and spends it on various expensive things and pleasures such as Mayweather cars and plane. Therefore, the fans call Floyd “Money”. He believes that he has earned more than $1 billion in his professional boxing career

Mayweather cars and private jet, other luxury items
It’s time to spend the earned money, Mayweather thought and published a collection of luxury cars, a personal jet and a lot of expensive exclusive jewelry for his Instagram followers.

 Many fans of the boxer were attracted to diamond-encrusted wristwatches for $ 1.1 million. Also, the collection includes bracelets, chains, and rings inlaid with diamonds. In total, all this costs about $10 million.

Also, in September 2017, Mayweather bought a luxurious mansion in the famous Beverly Hills area in Los Angeles. It is rumored that the new house cost Mayweather 25.5 million dollars, another 500 thousand was spent on furniture. It is interesting that Floyd hung on the wall in his house a portrait of the UFC fighter Conor McGeorge.

Mayweather private jet
Of course, he has a personal plane. Mayweather loves to travel. Today he is in Paris and tomorrow in Cairo. Well, when you have your own Gulfstream aircraft worth $35 million, you can go anywhere.

On board of the aircraft can accommodate up to 12 people. The passenger cabin is designed in such a way to provide maximum comfort even when flying at maximum distances.

This plane is designed for transportation of high-rank businessmen, etc. It has a comfortable cabin enriched with all kinds of equipment.

Reliable power plant makes it possible to carry a large number of passengers on board, and also provides an opportunity to make long flights at high speeds.

Mayweather cars
Now let’s consider the Mayweather cars collection. The legendary boxer constantly add new modelsvehicles. The set of cars in his garage changes quickly. In total, Mayweather has had more than 100 autos. It was reported that he has a collection of black cars in Los Angeles and a set of white vehicles in Miami. Here are the top 10 most exotic and interesting ones:
1. Bentley Mulsanne
2. Bugatti Veyron
3. Ferrari 458 Italia
4. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
5. Ferrari Enzo
6. McLaren 650S
7. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
8. Lamborghini Aventador
9. Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet
10. Rolls-Royce Phantom
After the fight with McGregor, the boxer spent about $4 million to buy new cars. Floyd Mayweather cars and jet, house, expensive accessories should inspire young sportsmen to work hard first and fame, riches, and greatness will follow.

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