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Investor BJ Net Worth and Luxurious Life (Photos)

Showy lifestyle, loads of parties at nightclubs, new cars and branded clothing — it is all about Investor BJ life. Find out more on Investor BJ net worth and the details of his luxurious life style.
Investor BJ is Malaysia-based “hard working socialites” as he called himself in one of his songs. Many considered the song as the glorification of fraud, which brings to mind that his source of income is unknown.
Investor BJ net worth
Moss9ja claims that his net worth is $24 million, it also claimed that BJ allegedly made his money from internet scam and investments in real ventures.

Investor BJ cars are another topic of his Instagram page. From time to time we can see his new luxury cars, such as brand new white Audi. As for investor BJ house, this information is hidden, from time to time there are photos on social media with BJ throwing parties in some mansion, but it is difficult to say how many houses he has and what their prices are.
Investor BJ iPhone 8 caused many discussions in the media. He showed off his 5 new iPhones 8 on his Instagram page. Investor BJ bought them on the release day. The price of each phone is $1,308USD.

Recently Investor BJ quarreled with another rich guy Hushpuppi. BJ claimed that Hushpuppi wears fake Patek Phillipe wrist watches. Hushpuppi called himself Gucci Master, but Investor BJ decided to take away this title from him. To show his superiority BJ posted photos from Gucci shops. He bought a lot of different branded clothes and posted it on social networks. BJ and Hushpuppi fashion rivalry is popularly called “Gucci War.”

The rich guy continues to amaze everyone with his tricks and unexpected purchases, let’s see what happens next.
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