Differences Between 2G, 3G, 4G, HSPA, LTE, EVDO, GPRS & EDGE

You should know that each successor to the mobile network technology has one numeric number followed by the alphabet ‘G’. This is of the form ‘vG ’. So, 2G means 2nd generation, 3G means 3rd generation, 4G means 4th generation and so on. Each generation is more advanced than the previous standard. Which is obvious, isn’t it?

Currently, 4G is the latest standard but many big organizations have already started their work on the upcoming 5G wireless technology.
GSM Network vs. CDMA Network
GSM and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) are the two most popular radio standards used in the mobile world. Both technologies offer similar features but

CDMA is more popular in the U.S. than the rest of the world. Most of the European and Asian countries use GSM networks. Some people might tell you that CDMA is better than the GSM or vice-versa but it is not true.

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