My first sex experience with my girl its very horrible


I have tried to convince this girl on Whatsa
to visit me
but she always tell me that she is busy,
her profile pictures was always tempting
her curves,her boobs name it
everything make sense,i decided to take it to another level at
my own expense. . .
Hope you know what i mean?,
So at last i was able to decode her to give me her number,i
called her immediately to confirm if it was really her
We talked for a while and i discovered that she just lives a
stone throw from my place,i said within me;
“Kai see food oo”
As an award winning Womanizer
convincing her was just like  counting A,B,C.

She promised me that she will visit me next week Thursday,
Thursday seemed too far but that was just the price to enter
her h*ney p*t.
Thursday finally came,i called her around 7:30 just to
confirm if she was still coming.
She said in Affirmative,i arranged my room immediately
bought 8 condoms(Guess it was too much)
around she knocked on my door,she dressed
seductively and was charming . . .
I chucked” Today na Today”
I laughed within me. . . .
See how you make serious dey read this story. . .

My dear
I wish you can learn how to read your Holy book like dis. . .
I bet you, God will like it and be happy. If it were a religious message, you’d have skipped. Abstain from sexual  immorality it will lead you to hell..

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