Incomplete o-level result, what you can study in the varsity and poly

there are some individual with an in-complete o-level result and this might limit their chances and hope of studying in higher institution.
The reason of saying this is not far-fetch, it’s quite obvious that meeting the institution standard in terms of o-level is an essential aspect that will not go unnoticed
Incomplete o-level result can affect any subject and this are on of the things that will determine the available chances of the affected candidate.
For instance, A candidate without biology in waec or Neco, can proceed to study, any Engineering courses provided the candidate. Have: (phys, eng maths, chemistry, and geography or economics )

Moreso, A candidate without physics can proceed to study any medical or nursing courses, provided the candidate have : ( maths, eng, bio, chem and eco or geography )

3) A candidate without mathematics: though the chances will be very limited to the faculty of Art.
You can still study some course without a credit pass in mathematics: e:g.  Philosophy, international relation, masscomm, political science and sociology.
However a pass in mathematics may be required.

4) A candidate without commerce,or account: this are subject that can be easily substituted. You can apply for accounting without having account in Your o-level.
The three essential subject for all management otherwise known as commercial student are


You can add two other subject from: govt, geography, biology, commerce,or  account,

5) A candidate without a credit pass in english, may have to rewrite another exam, no school ( varsity,poly and college ) will accept a pass in English language.

6) The three essential subject and a must have in the Faculty of Art are:


and 2 other subject can be added to complete the standard institution prerequisite.

Please note that some schools will place value on both english and mathematics or other subject and this is why it’s advisable to have a contact in any school you wish to apply for in jamb to be enlighten better and richer.

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